Mozilla FireFox problem - help please

  ianeon 21:33 31 Oct 2009

If I shutdown my FireFox browser and then restart it, I get the following message:
""FireFox is already running, but is not responding. To open a new window, you must first close the existing FireFox process, or restart your system.""
My FireFox is uptodate and this problem has just started - I have re-installed FireFox twice - A straight re-install and a clean re-install. Can anyone advise please.

  InTheCity 21:45 31 Oct 2009

try firefox safemode,
start>all programs>firefox>safemode
then try disabling any add ons ?

  MIke 21:46 31 Oct 2009

Are you using ZoneAlarm??Tthere have been reports of this problem on some PC configurations with Firefox and ZA. I had the issue myself on an HP laptop, but not on my self build desktop. Can't remember exactly which version of of ZA was causing the problem.
I've since upgraded to Win 7 and all is well there, but I'm using the inbuilt firewall not ZA

As a work around you need to go into task manager and end the running Firefox process.

  MIke 21:47 31 Oct 2009
  octal 21:49 31 Oct 2009

What has happened is probably some of the addons are not compatible. You will have to delete the Profile folder and start Firefox again and it will create a new Profile. You will have to back up you bookmarks first before you delete the Profile as you will lose them. This site give information on the location of the Profile folder click here

  woodchip 21:51 31 Oct 2009

Check Startup Programs in MSCONFIG and remove any tick for Firefox. To stop it running right click Task Bar. Task Manager\Applications

  ianeon 22:02 31 Oct 2009

Mike - I am using Norton
Octal - Thank you - I am in the process of doing this now.
Woodchip - Thank you I shall do this
InThe City - Thank you I will do this

  rdave13 22:09 31 Oct 2009

Right click taskbar and select task manager. Click on the process tab and scroll to firefox.exe

Click on it then click on the 'end process' tab.
Fault on the new update I think.

  ianeon 22:15 31 Oct 2009

rdave13 - you could be right about the fault being on the new update.
I am now running Firefox with minimum addons and it seems to be working OK.
Thank you all for your insight into this problem.

  User-1229748 13:08 01 Nov 2009

i had this problem on my dads pc while running no-script.had to uninstall no-script and reinstall it and all was fine.

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