Mozilla firefox problem

  johnbull 16:28 04 Jun 2005

I'd be very grateful if someone could explain why when I connect to Firefox the browser window appears, but informs me that it is connecting!! it then takes a long time to complete this task and then in the lower left hand task-bar states"done" I then try to connect to a web site but after a minute or so a message keeps telling me that "time has run out" I tried out most of my bookmarks and the same message appears for all of them!! Also the window that now appears does'nt look like the previous one i.e. there is no Google bar below the main top toolbar!!! I hope someone can solve this not very important problem for I have come to enjoy using Firefox Many thanks in advance.

  DieSse 16:34 04 Jun 2005

Are you sure it's only with FireFox - have you tried also with Internet Explorer?

  johnbull 17:25 04 Jun 2005

DieSse. Many thanks for your prompt reply! no! my other browsers; Opera and Explorer are working perfectly! Your reply was notified through my e-mail in Express, and when I clicked the link it took me to my default browser; Firefox: a message then came on the Firefox screen; again informing me that " I had timed out" and the situation remains the same. Thanks again for your kind reply

  DerekR 18:42 04 Jun 2005

This happened to me, and after a long investigation, I discovered one of my kids (never found out which one) had blocked internet access by Firefox in Sygate firewall!

Might not whats happened to you, but well worth checking it out

  johnbull 19:39 04 Jun 2005

DerekR Many thanks for your kind reply, it was a very good call! however; when I then checked my firewall, (which also happens to be Sygate), the allowed check was in place. so I will have to soldier on, and try some other method to get firefox working correctly again. My best regards, and of course thanks for your reply

  johnbull 19:52 04 Jun 2005

DerekR & DieSse I think I must have ghosts in the machine!! i.e. after I checked my Firewall to make sure the box for Firefox was ticked I returned to Opera and PC Advisor, and replied to DerekR; deciding to uninstall/re-install Firefox, however; I decided to try once more! and out of the blue a message from the Sygate firewall came up informing me that a change had been made and would I accept Mozilla Firefox!!! I ticked yes! and lo and behold I now have Firefox back to it's very best!! My very best regards to you both; and of course many thanks.

  DieSse 19:56 04 Jun 2005

Expect the unexpected :-)))

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