Mozilla Firefox not showing some images

  amosmoses 15:48 14 Nov 2005

Can anyone tell me why Firefox does not show some images/frames.
Eg. click here
your station

  Skyver 15:53 14 Nov 2005

I'm no webdesigner, but there appears to be an error in the coding of the webpage, it will show properly in Internet Explorer, but with a little warning triangle in the bottom left corner.

  SEASHANTY 16:28 14 Nov 2005

Your link was slow to load and eventually timed out on this PC. (NTL 2 Meg BB). Clicking on refresh brought up the missing image in the main section.

  octal 17:33 14 Nov 2005

In Opera it looks fine, this is a screen shot click here

Is this what you are getting in Firefox? click here

  The Kestrel 17:41 14 Nov 2005

I have just tried your link using Firefox and got the same screen as Octal did with Opera. It may be you have changed your settings in Firefox by accident.

  octal 17:49 14 Nov 2005

I have just enabled JavaScript in Firefox preferences and the site now appears as it should. Have a look in yours to make sure your JavaScript is ticked.

  amosmoses 19:03 14 Nov 2005

Sorry guys, i should have been more specific.
On the web page click here if you select a station from the drop down "your station" field, it comes back with an error 404. Object not found.Works ok in Iexplorer.

  octal 19:13 14 Nov 2005

You're right, it doesn't work click here and I can't find out why. It works in Opera fine.

  octal 20:54 14 Nov 2005

This is really odd, when I try Firefox I get the 404 error. If I then check the refering URL for the frame its

http : // www (without the spaces)

notice all the little %5 between each of the URL elements, this is illegal code because there is something in there that shouldn't be there, like a space which gives %20 between each element, I'm not sure what %5 is though. If you try it in IE or Opera you'll get the 404 error click here

The URL should look like this with the %5 taken out and replaced with a forward slash

http : // www (again without the spaces.)

If you try this link click here it now brings up the page correctly for Achfary station in any browser.

The only conclusion I can came to is there is something in the coding on the site that FF doesn't like, Skyver has already mentioned that, so I don't think its a problem with your Firefox.

After all that someone will say they can open it in Firefox now :-)

  [email protected] 22:14 14 Nov 2005

There are a few sites that Firefox does not render properly. eg click here. As mentioned, this will be due to poor coding that Firefox can't read properly.

I've installed this brilliant extension click here which allows you to reload the page using the IE engine with a single click but keeps it within a Firefox tab.

  amosmoses 22:26 14 Nov 2005

Thats the the best suggestion i've heard all day.
It works a treat.

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