Mozilla Firefox - Not Responding

  harleyd 08:17 01 Apr 2008

Hi. Wonder if anyone can help me, recently Firefox has been 'locking up' with the message "not responding" but after a short while it kicks back in and is fine, for a while (starts all over again at some point) Any pointers would be appreciated. Rgds

  Diodorus Siculus 08:30 01 Apr 2008

It may be that one of the extensions you have installed for it is corrupted; go to Tools, Addons and disable any that are there.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:31 01 Apr 2008

And ensure that you have the latest version of FF.

  johndrew 10:17 01 Apr 2008

Have you a lot of programs running that will load your CPU to 100% or near before you start Firefox?

  harleyd 11:57 01 Apr 2008

Hi all. I've disabled the extensions, and checked the version I've got which is which I believe is the latest. My CPU was changed for a larger capacity one back end of last year. Not sure what I do from here?

  johndrew 12:03 01 Apr 2008

Could it be your firewall or anti-virus slowing things down or blocking?

  ambra4 20:54 01 Apr 2008

The reason that you cannot open Firefox there is one already running in the background

and did not close you need to end the Firefox process before Firefox will open again

Do Ctrl+Alt+Delete Task Manager- Click Processes Tab check for firefox.exe right click

and select End Process

What version is your Firefox upgrade to as early version use to have this

problem and the only way was to end the process via task manager or to reboot the


  harleyd 11:30 02 Apr 2008

Morning all. I've now uninstalled/reinstalled my firewall & antivirus but I'm not sure how to determine the version of Firefox that I've got, although I suspect its the early version which would have been automatically upgraded by Mozilla. Would it be best to start from scratch and install Firefox again, if so, whaqts the best way to do it, & will I lose any thing. Many thanks

  Diodorus Siculus 13:02 02 Apr 2008

First off, save your bookmarks.

Go into bookmarks and then manage bookmarks; from there you can export them to a HTML file - keep that safe somewhere or other.

Then click here and get the latest version of FF.

Uninstall the current version.

Run CCleaner and it's registry scanner to remove any old files relating to FF.

Install the new version.

  harleyd 18:57 07 Apr 2008

Apologies for the delay, I've now 'fixed' the problem, and all's well. Thanks everyone for your assistance. Regards. HD

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