Mozilla Firefox 1.0 install.

  Daibus 10:09 10 Nov 2004

I have just installed Firefox 1.0 for the first time after seeing reports that it is far superior, to IE for example.

It seems OK but when you try to change Theme for example, it takes forever to get into the update and is even hit or miss if the new Theme will install at all.
I tried it again this morning and this function, as well as Extensions and Downloads are taking forever.
Have these problems been experienced by any other guys?

I have been using Avant Browser for some time now which I find excellent, but was also wondering as well, if Firefox have any distinct advantages over this Browser?


  Edbanger 10:24 10 Nov 2004
  Daibus 10:39 10 Nov 2004


Thank you for the site info and I suppose I should not be surprised at the traffic on this site at the moment.

Any opinions out there on Firefox versus other Browsers ...Avant for example?


  Edbanger 13:18 10 Nov 2004

Put firefox in the search box for loads of threads containing lots of info, most of it complementary.

I have used different versions of firefox and I only go back to IE when some pages will not load. I have to use IE for Microsoft updates.

  whybe 13:24 10 Nov 2004

I'm trialling Firefox in place of Avant at the moment following the many praises on this forum. So far it seems to retrieve pages quicker and its layout is certainly less cluttered. Although early days, I do miss Avant's auto refresh of pages and many of the shortcuts allocated to mouse button presses for navigation, page foreward/backward.

  Diodorus Siculus 13:42 10 Nov 2004

" do miss Avant's auto refresh of pages" - as with most functionality, there is an extension for FF which will allow you to set this autorefresh - I cannot get onto the extensions site at present but when I do I will post a link.

There is also one called mouse gestures which will allow you to navigate with the mouse.

click here
for FF Extensions which includes 'Reload Every'

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