Mozilla Firefox 0.9.1 Browser

  Ganda 16:01 04 Jul 2004

I am thinking of installing Mozilla Firefox 0.9.1 browser and using this as my primary browser. Does anyone know if it is possible to access the internet via my tesco account using this browser.

If it can be used,can you guide me through the settings I will need to ensure that when I double click on the icon to connect to the internet, that it will launch Mozilla Firefox 0.9.1 as the default browser.

Finally, is anyone aware of any known problems with using this browser with

  flying grouse 16:14 04 Jul 2004

I'm sure after downloading to pc, when you start program you will be asked if you want to make this your default browser.

your tesco icon should work from this default.

happy surfing...................

  €dstowe 16:23 04 Jul 2004

I use Firefox a lot now - and as my default on some machines. Don't get too scared that it won't work. You can still have IE installed and usable.

Some of the machines at my studio have just about every available browser installed (we use them for checking website compatibility). They all work alongside each other without any problems.


  €dstowe 16:25 04 Jul 2004

Sorry, posted too soon.

If you want to be extra careful, you could keep IE as your default for connecting up and then move to Firefox when everything is going.

  Toon_Army 16:40 04 Jul 2004

i Installed this a few minutes before your thread came up, ill never look back - includes Downlaod Managers and more.

I use AOL and IE too

  flying grouse 17:12 04 Jul 2004

as €dstowe says you can always go to internet options and under programs tab select to check IE as default. All the browsers will work with each other and you can change between them at any time.

.............keep on trucking!

  rômanab 17:31 04 Jul 2004

My missus uses firefox for tesco's with no probs.

  shizzy 22:41 04 Jul 2004

i use the full Mozilla 6 as my default and Tesco is my ISP.

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