Mozilla autohide sidebar won't work!

  JerryH 21:36 21 Sep 2009

After Mozilla installed recent updates the excellent autohide sidebar facility (showing bookmarked sites) disappeared. I have tried to install the suggested Sidebar Autohide 1.0.1, but it won't download, or at least won't install. Any ideas? (Drawn blank at the so-called Mozilla support group....)

  JerryH 06:52 22 Sep 2009

Yes, Marg7, it is Firefox. I've several times followed exactly your suggestion (which was what I had in fact done previously), but no good. No error messages come up - I download in the normal way, click on the "restart Firefox to complete installation button", but when Firefox restarts, no change!

  cocteau48 09:37 22 Sep 2009

If you cannot get it to work then you may like to try this as an alternative (same idea,I think,but a bit more versatile)click here

  JerryH 20:39 22 Sep 2009

Thanks, both, for response. Marg7, have done this, but no luck. Cocteau48, have tried this, but it's not true autohide. I am trying to get back to the status quo ante, where the autohide sidebar worked a dream, but something is stopping it!

  anniesboy 22:21 22 Sep 2009

Ive just seen this in the reviews of this add on.
(Sidebar Autohide + "IE Tab" = NO Hide!! )
Maybe a conflict?

  JerryH 16:38 23 Sep 2009

Please, Anniesboy, can you expand for this poor dumbo on what you mean?

  cocteau48 17:05 23 Sep 2009

Hi JerryH

I assume that anniesboy has found a reference to a conflict between Sidebar Autohide and the FF add-on IE Tab (if you have it installed)

I have just installed Sidebar Autohide on my laptop and so far as I can see it works in exactly the same way as the All-in-One Sidebar which I linked to and which I have on the desktop ... you move the cursor to the side of the screen and the sidebar appears... move the cursor away and the sidebar disappears.
The only difference which I can see is that the All-in-One also gives you the option (as well as your bookmarks) to show your browsing history and your FF extensions and add-ons....and more.
I am unsure as to what you mean when you say it is not true autohide.

  cocteau48 17:10 23 Sep 2009

..... the laptop to which I have just added Sidebar Autohide also has IE Tab enabled without any conflict!

  JerryH 06:58 24 Sep 2009

Thks, Cocteau48. Having installed All-in-One sidebar, I find it does not autohide as you describe. To get it to disappear or re-appear I have to click on the extreme left.
P.S. Where is the IE Tab?

  cocteau48 08:36 24 Sep 2009


Both sidebar programs should,and do.autohide and the fact that they do not on your system may point to an underlying problem elsewhere in Firefox.

I would try:
1. Uninstalling/reinstalling Firefox (doing so will not affect your profile and you should not lose any information.
2. Disable/uninstall all your other FF add-ons and re-enable them one by one to establish if there is a conflict with one of them.
3. The other avenue is to investigate a corrupted FF Profile and create a new one click here.
The new profile will have none of your personal information (bookmarks etc) but your existing profile can still be reloaded if necessary in the Profile Manager.
Installing the sidebar with the new profile,and if it works, will at least tell you that it is the profile which is causing the problem.

IE Tab is a Firefox add-on click here which allows you to change the rendering engine within Firefox between Firefox and Internet Explorer and thereby load web pages in Firefox which may be designed to only open in Internet Explorer

  JerryH 19:44 30 Sep 2009

Many thanks, cocteau48 - sorry for delay in answering you, I've been away from my desk.
I've tried 1 & 2 - no good. I then created a new profile as you suggested and tried to install Sidebar Autohide add-on. Same result! I.e. having clicked on install, the mouse eggtimer briefly showed as if the PC was trying to install, but to no avail. Since no other add-on had been installed, it seems there is a deeper conflict, or whatever, in my PC. (I run on XP.)

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