Mozilla & IE, background image doest appear loading. it comes after loading

  kidzntoyz 05:41 29 Jun 2013

This is mu website link, in chrome it is working fine. but in mozilla & IE the body background appears later after finishing loading. I want the body background image to appear early. am getting a patch cuz of background not loading earlier. Please help

  fourm member 16:12 29 Jun 2013

I found this example of the CSS for a background image


Your css says


Try changing 'background' to 'background-image' and putting '' inside the brackets for the file name.

  kidzntoyz 06:02 01 Jul 2013

Thank yew for the update, i appreciate it!

Here is an updated link which looks even uglier in all the browser after updating the above css example.

Expecting a better option :)

  fourm member 07:47 01 Jul 2013

I've just looked at your stylesheet, again, and it hasn't changed.

It still says background:url(../images/bg-1.jpg) no-repeat center top;

  kidzntoyz 08:12 01 Jul 2013


This the updated css now

body {background-image:url('../images/bg-1.jpg') no-repeat center top; } .main{ min-height:300px;background-image:url('../images/bgcontenttop.png') no-repeat; padding:0 15px; }

but both of these images are invisible in all the major browsers. I want to appear.

In my previous case in Mozilla & IE while the page is loading for the first time the .main{} used image looks ugly that's my concern

  fourm member 09:55 02 Jul 2013

This is what the css file shows;

body, #body-policy {background:url(../images/bg-1.jpg) no-repeat center top;font:13px/18px Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;color:#696969; font-weight:normal;min-width:1009px;} hashtagbody-policy {background:url(../images/bg-2.jpg) no-repeat center top; }

[The word hashtag is there because # at the start of a line on here messes with the format.]

I don't know why this is different from what you think it is.

I just tried it in Safari (knowing I didn't have anything cached) and it loaded reasonably quickly.

You might find that simply reducing the file size for the image helps. It is very big for a background. Try upping the compression to reduce the file size.

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