Mozbackup not restoring Thunderbird emails

  griffon56 12:51 19 Aug 2008

Hi everybody,

I've been using Mozbackup for some time without problems but now something odd has happened. I made a backup which would not restore emails altho' it restored everything else OK. It took an appropriate length of time over the 'Restore emails' action because there are about 220MB of them and it looked normal. I'm using version of Thunderbird and 1.4.8 of Mozbackup.

A few weeks ago after a system reload Firefox would not restore and I thought I'd lost all my bookmarks, etc, but after this latest backup Firefox restored OK.

Any ideas?

  griffon56 20:37 30 Aug 2008

I know it's not a very glamorous post, but are people not answering because I didn't make it clear that it was Thunderbird I backed up. It was not a general backup I was talking about.

I hope somebody has a clue because I'm finding it very inconvenient not being able to view past emails, some of which have got important things in them like switching to a new electricity supplier and so on.

  cocteau48 21:25 30 Aug 2008

It's possible that you have corrupted your Thunderbird Profile.
Look here:
click here
and here:
click here
to create a new profile (note that the new profile is in addition to your existing profile and does not overwrite it so you should not lose anything - all info is on the above pages)
and then try restoring your Mozbackup to the new profile.

  griffon56 14:26 31 Aug 2008

Thanks Cocteau48, how do I get the new profile into the Mozbackup choice of profile in the restore dialogue box. All I ever see there is 'default', or should the default automatically be the latest profile? Appreciate the extra advice if you could.

  cocteau48 15:05 31 Aug 2008

Quoting from my second link:
"A new profile folder will be created in the default folder location."
I have never had to do it myself but from that quote would assume that your new profile becomes the default one.
Look in :
C/Documents and Settings/your name/Application Data/Thunderbird/Profiles and you should now have 2 folders - one marked as default.... I think.
You'll be able to tell from the date whether the new one has become the default.
Also,if you are still stuck, you could start a thread on the Thunderbird forum (you do not have to register to do so) and they are usually pretty quick in coming up with a response.

  griffon56 15:10 01 Sep 2008

Thanks Cocteau48 for such a comprehensive answer. I'll try what you suggest and report.
Regards, Rog

  Stuartli 15:36 01 Sep 2008

>>...I didn't make it clear that it was Thunderbird I backed up. >>

The thread title (plus the mention of Mozbackup) says it all...:-)

  Stuartli 15:38 01 Sep 2008

By the way, Thunderbird has reached version

  griffon56 16:28 01 Sep 2008

Thanks Stuartli I knew that but nobody was replying and I was grasping at straws. I had downloaded at about the time when things went wrong. I don't know whether it was that which caused the problems or not.

I don't know whether you've seen it but in another post I've been complaining that nothing goes the way it should for me. This is typical, even cocteau48,s links have instructions in them which don't make sense or relate to what I see on the screen.

For example, there is no link to Profile Manager in the Tools menu of Thunderbird, tho' I've got to it by creating the shortcut as instructed. There is no sign of anything called 'Mbox' in any list in any profile and it isn't possible to follow the instructions extracted from the mozilla forum.

I've got 5 email accounts each with a different address and none of them are named in the 'Mail' folder of the profile, as stated in the instructions. You see what I mean.

Many of the emails I want to restore are important and I don't want to take the risk of losing them thro' making a mistake by just plunging in where I haven't a clue what I'm doing. Hence the leaving no stone unturned approach.

Anybody any more ideas? I could do with a Wizard which would do the job without my interference.

  cocteau48 16:48 01 Sep 2008

This may be worth a try:
Copy and paste or save your existing profile to a flash drive/ext HD or disk. All your emails/addresses etc are in that profile and should therefore be safe.
Delete the existing profile from Documents and Settings.
Uninstall/reinstall Thunderbird which should create a new profile automatically.
Try to restore your previously saved Mozbackup profile into that new set-up.
If that does not work you can always copy and paste your existing profile from wherever you saved it in step one above back into Thunderbird and you should a least be no worse off than you are at present.

  cocteau48 17:00 01 Sep 2008

"If that does not work you can always copy and paste your existing profile from wherever you saved it in step one above back into Thunderbird and you should a least be no worse off than you are at present."
....sorry copy and paste back into Documents and Settings not into Thunderbird.
It also,if you can remember which version of Thunderbird that you were using when you took the Mozbackup, may be worth reinstalling that version.
All previous versions available here:
click here

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