Moving WMA files to new PC

  hawthorn59 02:49 06 Oct 2007

Well, not actually to a new pc, but to a new hard drive on my laptop. Im getting a new larger hard drive, have everything backed up except about 70-80 music tracks (windows media player).

I cannot convert these to mp3s (I bought them, and theyre protected) so can I just drag the files to a memory stick and then drag them back on when Ive installed the new hard drive?

Please dont say I have to burn them to cd, its take about 8 CDs!



  tullie 06:50 06 Oct 2007

Cant see why not.
What happens to your music if you reformat, or drive fails,better on cd,anyway why have them taking space on your drive?

  eedcam 09:37 06 Oct 2007

Or put them on dvd only need 2 maybe 3. If you are having a new hard drive which I've just had done the guy transferred everything over to the new drive operating system and all programmes and files, Then fitted the new drive

  100andthirty 09:48 06 Oct 2007

not sure I've understood, but
1) how big are these files in total? - if they're in WMA, I'd be surprised if you need more than a couple of CD's for back up unless you convert them into audio CD's.

2) are they protected by DRM? For the latter, you need to back up the licenses too, but I have no files like this so I don't know how.

I'm sure you can google for doing a data back up with the licenses

  hawthorn59 15:42 06 Oct 2007

Yes they are protected by DRM. Well, I just went to one track and checked it out; its 6.4mb. Im going to try dragging one to a memory stick and playing it in someone elses pc.


  hawthorn59 19:40 06 Oct 2007

OK, I used "sync" to transfer 2 tracks to memory stick. "Is sync the same thing as just dragging the files?"

Both will play in my friends laptop, WM10. One with DRM had to "download updates", it turned out to be the DRM license, so that was fine. I didnt even need to save or restore the licenses, it went and got them.

So now Im hoping that will work for all the other tracks. Still wondering whether i can just drag them from laptop to memory stick.


  hawthorn59 04:10 08 Oct 2007

OK folks I've done it and just thought Id relay my success to those of you who may have to do it at some stage!

It was quite simple really. I simply located the folder where the WM files were stored, right-clicked and sent them to the thumb drive. I then put the thumb drive in my nephews laptop and click on the tracks. WM11 (I had WM10) opened up and just asked for an upgrade to be downloaded, I think that was the license being retrieved, Im not sure. Then it played fine.

I also backed up the licenses and possibly if I had restored them it wouldnt look for the upgrade. So lets hope it goes as smoothly when I have the new H Disk up and running!


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