Moving Windows directory to secondary drive

  jcsmook 00:28 22 May 2005

I would like to know how I can move my Windows XP Home Ed to my secondary drive, as my primary (4GB) is full and causes problems, without re-installing.

I know you cannot copy your windows dir and then use Msconfig or edit boot.ini to add another boot path.

Any help?



  anfearmarbh 00:53 22 May 2005

jcsmook> If I understand your needs correctly, why not keep the operating system & programmes on your primary drive and transfer all your data to the secondary drive. this is good practise where a secondary drive exists as it means that, in the event of a system crash your data will not be compromised

  Diemmess 11:33 22 May 2005

anfearmarbh is right in principle. It is good practice to keep all data separately for the reasons he gave. Doing this will also give you a breathing space with the crowded drive.

However, your problem seems to be the 4Gb HD. A few years back that would have seemed riches indeed, but XP and a few applications soon fill it.

Assuming your second HD is much larger then I would suggest thinking about how to clone the contents of the smaller HD to it.

It may be necessary to partition the large HD first, so that an image file can be saved on the second partition, and then "restored" to the primary partition on your large HD.

  jcsmook 12:38 23 May 2005

I agree with anfearmarbhs principle as well, but Diemmess has hit the problem on the head.

The secondary drive is 80GB, and almost empty. The primary drive has a lot of programs installed to the prog files directory, and the owner of the PC did not keep all the installation files. Thus to move the data will be a long and difficult task.

Do you have any idees for a cloning program (freeware, as it is not realy worth the money).

Thanx again.


  Diemmess 14:12 23 May 2005

XP home has (I think) the means of partitioning.

Ghost and what used to be Drive Image are both good programs to be able to "copy" working systems. Neither is free.

In principle then..... partition your 80Gb HD so that you have an empty partition as wel as another to store what is already on the HD.

Now you can make an "Image" of the contents of your 4Gb HD and store it on that partition as well.

"Restore" this Image to your new first partition on the 80Gb HD and you should be in business.

Once it is all running well you can reformat the 4Gb HD and use it for anything you want.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:17 23 May 2005

Drive image free on cover of June issue of PCW mag £3.99

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