Moving to Virgin Media

  Michael Kelly 22:36 27 Mar 2007


I've signed up for virgin media 10mb cable and recieved a confirmation email which stated that the price will be £27 per month and that I will be recieving a free upgrade to 20mb cable in a month.

I'm concerned that this price will reflect the service I recieve. Is it possible that I'm not capable of recieving the full bandwidth available?

The installation date specified is the 14 April.

I'm in quite a dilema coming from tiscali, so I really don't want a poor service. The price stated on the website is £35 per month.

What I am basically asking, is whether I am capable of recieving the full bandwidth available? Why would they provide me with a free upgrade when everyone else pays £2 extra?


  woodchip 22:38 27 Mar 2007

They will be upgrading some hardware at there end

  birdface 22:52 27 Mar 2007

It comes through cable,And if it says you will get 20Mb that will be very near spot on what you will get,There will be no drop off at peak times like most other providers have,

  birdface 22:54 27 Mar 2007

Special deals for new customers thats why you pay less.

  User-312386 22:58 27 Mar 2007

I have been with telewest, which is now virgin for 6 years now.

My download speed has always been brilliant.

If i download from a fast ftp site i get nigh on the 10mbit/sec

  Michael Kelly 23:07 27 Mar 2007

Thanks for the help guys.

This has got to be a bargain surely, 20mb cable for £27?

It will be a nice surprise If I get the full bandwidth at that price! Although, I'll still have tiscali on the phoneline (unfortunately due to 12 month contract) at £23 pm

Buteman, does it say that anywhere on the site, or where can I find this out?

  Michael Kelly 23:25 27 Mar 2007

Ah, I see, £10 of the first bill, meaning it's £27. Will forthcoming bills after the first be £37?

Just another question, I have an old cable box outside my house a while back from when I was on the ntl cable service around 5-6 years back.

Will the cable in the road be able to cope with 20mbit broadband?

I'm just a little concerned due to its age, that it may be old technology?

  woodchip 23:34 27 Mar 2007


  Michael Kelly 00:18 28 Mar 2007

Thanks Woodchip

  birdface 18:22 28 Mar 2007
  birdface 18:27 28 Mar 2007

Just a copy of their home here

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