moving video (space issue)

  raziel08 23:03 14 Jul 2009

hi i have a family video which is currently consuming 4.11 Gb of space on my xp computers hard drive. whilst this might seem a huge amount it is when the drive is only 40 GB. i want to move it to my external drive however whenever i try to do this it will not as there isn't enough space.

the most amount that i have tried is 15 GB unused space. but still it wouldn't shift.

does anyone know how much is required to move it? or alternatively is there some software which can be used to drastically reduce its size and then restore it when its on the external.


  southhead 11:34 15 Jul 2009

Is it possible that your external drive is formatted FAT32? If so I reckon 4Mb is the maximum file size. Someone else may be able to confirm that.
You should be able to format the drive to NTFS which will take larger files, without loosing the data on it - I think! But take further advice on that one too.

  eedcam 11:51 15 Jul 2009

In the interim period why not put it on dvd just in case owt goes wrong

  raziel08 12:13 15 Jul 2009

yeah i have just checked to see what format my external drive is. it is FAT32.

there are some photos on the external drive which are irreplaceable so will wait for others to confirm your advice southhead.

unfortunately i don't have a dvd writer on this pc, which is why i wanted to move it so that i could burn it to dvd. thanks anyway eedcam

  Zeppelyn 15:17 15 Jul 2009

Ok so move the pictures to your main drive temporarily so external is empty then format the external to NTFS. Now transfer the pics and video to external. Mind you if the pics are irreplaceable to you I would definitely have more than one copy.

  raziel08 15:43 15 Jul 2009

yeah will transfer a copy to disc as well then. thanks to all for your help. will post back if i find any problems.

  woodchip 15:50 15 Jul 2009

It cannot put the Video on it as its over 4Gb thats the limit with Fat32

  southhead 16:05 15 Jul 2009

Instructions for converting FAT32 to NTFS can be found here
click here

  raziel08 20:25 15 Jul 2009

ok started to go through the command prompt however when it comes to the part asking for the current volume label for drive E i get stuck.

what do i put here?

  southhead 20:41 15 Jul 2009

It's a while since I did this, but I think for volume lable I simply typed the name of the drive as it appeared in My Computer. In my case it was CLASSIC HD. Hope this helps.

  raziel08 20:52 15 Jul 2009

thanks for that southhead. worked a treat. now i have much more space available and all of my files are still there.

thanks to all for your suggestions

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