Moving a System Partition

  Tabvla 09:21 25 May 2006

Disk : 160GB SATA 1xSystem Partition 60GB 2xData Partitions each 50GB

Software : Partition Magic v8.0

I want to insert a 6GB partition IN FRONT of the existing System Partition. This means that the System Partition will still start within the 8GB boundary.

If I did this what are the chances that I could end up with an unbootable disk?

  martjc 09:32 25 May 2006

...what advice do you need? 8GB boundary? Partitions are not placed [in front of, or behind] each other. They are just logical positions on the disk that the O/S can access.

As a general note: The machine will boot from the partition marked ACTIVE in Fdisk.

  Tabvla 09:59 25 May 2006

The following extract is from the Partition Magic User Guide..

"...The disk map in the PartitionMagic main window displays an arrow indicator at the 1024 cylinder boundary (and the 8GB boot boundary), so you can see where your partitions are located relative to the 1024 cylinder limit. Be sure that all OS partitions on a disk start prior to cylinder 1024. This ensures that you can boot the OS. Also, use caution when moving a bootable partition; if the partition is moved beyond cylinder 1024 it may no longer be bootable. To fix this problem you can move the partition below the 1024 cylinder marker...."

My understanding is that a "Boot Manager" (e.g. Boot Magic) is needed to boot an OS which resides beyond cylinder 1024. Is this correct?

Also my understanding is that software like Boot Magic must reside in the very first PHYSICAL partition on the disk.

And although partitions might be logical, Partition Magic enables the user to physically relocate partitions. For example, if a disk had a bad sector it is possible in Partition Magic to create a small partition that encompasses that bad sector thus completely isolating the sector from disk operations.

  martjc 12:25 25 May 2006

...think you are right about the boot manager. But still don't understand WHY you want this other partition - Is it for another O/S? If so, you Will need some kind of BM to let you decide which O/S to boot into.

Can anyone else help here? This is getting a bit deep!!!

  gudgulf 13:05 25 May 2006

You might get more response if you explain what you want to acieve from doing does not make any sense to me.

  martjc 15:55 25 May 2006


  SANTOS7 16:17 25 May 2006

If you do not have any other software installed on what i am assumimg is your C:\ drive, the one with your operatimg system on it just go through the process of a normal partition it will give you the options to create Before C:\ or after C:\ but before your next drive letter allocation, i am assuming you want to isolate your O/S in its own partition which will make system recovery easier and data loss to a minimum.
i personally cannot see why you would want a partition in front of your existing parttiion at this point a bit more info would not go amiss

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