Moving Shared Documents folder to second drive

  Boluwd 13:28 01 Jan 2005

Firstly, a Happy New Year to you all!

I have just added a new 120gig hard drive to my PC and is seen as F:\. I want to move all the My Documents folders (and contents), that is my own account and that in my wife's name to the new drive so as to keep them separate from the system and programs on drive C:\. I am running XP Home SP2.

Will moving the shared documents folder achieve this or do I need to move yhe individual my documents folders as well. I intend to partition the new drive in order to have all the music in the My music folder in shared documents on a separate partition.

Any help is appreciated.

  woodchip 13:46 01 Jan 2005

It would need some registry editing, I would Create folder on new drive and drag contents to the

  mattyc_92 14:17 01 Jan 2005

Happy New Year to you too.... lol

First of all create your folders on the new drive.... Next logon as yourself and rightclick onto the "My Documents" and select "properties" folder that is located on the desktop.... If it isn't there then rightclick onto the desktop->select "properties"-?select the "Desktop" tab->select "customise desktop" button and tick the box next to "My Documents" for it to be viewed on the desktop!!!!

All you now have to do is change the "target" for "My Documents" In the properties box that you have just opened for My Documents.... Just click onto the "browse" button and select the drive and folder you want to become your new "My Documents" or just type the path in......

Do this for ANY other account on your system and there you go...


  mattyc_92 14:18 01 Jan 2005

Soz the button is "Move" not "browse"....

Happy New Year!!!!

  mattyc_92 14:20 01 Jan 2005

I have just noticed that you want ALL the contents there as well.... well just copy and paste them into the new "directory"

  Boluwd 00:06 02 Jan 2005

mattyc_92 and woodchip.

Thanks for your comments. I have managed to move the My Documents folder for both user accounts and both have the F:\ drive as target location. However, I cannot do the same with the Shared Documents folder. Woodchip is correct in saying that this requires a registry change.
I have searched on line and discovered the following link which I hope will resolve this "special shared folder" location.
click here
and I will try this tomorrow. I will let you know the results.

  mattyc_92 10:01 02 Jan 2005

Yes, the "shared folder" is harder to move... You DO have to make some tweaks in the registry, so BACKUP your registry before you try it just in case you mess it up

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