Moving router to a different PC

  LAPTOPBABE 22:25 05 Jan 2009

My brothers XP PC has just packed up and just at the right time I have one to give him. He had a netgear router with talk talk, using an ethernet cable and his daughter was using a wireless Vista laptop. The XP PC I want to give him was also used with the same brand of netgear router on my network, but I have gone wireless completely and now use vista laptops. Therefore my old XP computer has been set up for my network, how do i go about changing the setting to run his network still with an ethernet cable, as it seems to try to find my network back home and I don't know how to alter it. Who's password do i use to log in to the router, mine or his? I don't want to have to reinstall from scratch as it is not necessary, as we use similar programmes and we both use external hard drives for our files etc. Thanks for any help.

  Strawballs 22:27 05 Jan 2009

All you should need to do is plug the cable into his router and away you go.

  LAPTOPBABE 22:30 05 Jan 2009

will try it then at his house tomorrow or wednesdayHope it works! Thanks

  LAPTOPBABE 16:36 07 Jan 2009

I plugged it in and it it is ok apart from there are certain sites I can't get on, eg avg and windows update for instance, others are ok such as bbc. I guess it is something set wrong in the firewall, but how do i go about sorting it? Thanks!

  brundle 16:53 07 Jan 2009

Sounds more like malware preventing access to the sites, at first glance. Run Superantispyware or Malwarebytes Antimalware. click here

  brundle 16:54 07 Jan 2009

"Sounds" and "glance" don't really work together in a sentence...

  LAPTOPBABE 08:47 09 Jan 2009

Since writing I had already come to that conclusion, I have tried to remove the virus with my commodo internet security, it remooved some but said 2 could not be removed, so how am I supposed to get rid of them. Will the one you suggested be able to do it? Also I beleive the virus may have come from some picture or music files which i put onto an external drive, how do i know which file is responsible and how do i make sure that when i reconnect it it can't happen again? Thanks

  LAPTOPBABE 08:51 09 Jan 2009

I am so confused as to which is the best way to protect my brothers computer, what do you recommend to do the whole job and protect him in the future, he is even greener than me and i am worried he will get into a similar mess again. I have had avg and commodo in the past and i have never had any trouble, but maybe i have been lucky. Should I just go to the shop and get Norton Internet Security and have done with it or is that going over the top and not necessary?

  LAPTOPBABE 08:55 09 Jan 2009

The other thing is, it was preventing me from getting on some sites to download any spyware, so how can i do that? So maybe a physical cd would be the way to do it?

  Strawballs 16:05 09 Jan 2009

Unless he has a powerful system Norton would be to resourse hungry so I would go for Kaspersky if you want a paid for one and as for the anti-spyware, download and put onto disc on your computer.

  LAPTOPBABE 21:43 09 Jan 2009

I will post again to let you know how i get on tomorrow.

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