Moving programmes to new PC

  muddypaws 11:42 14 Aug 2009

Old PC XP Home SP2
I am trying to move 'Ink Saver' from old to new.
When I copy/paste it over it doesn't run on the new PC as 'ISPrefs.dll' is missing.
The .dll doesn't appear in the root folder on the old PC where it works OK, but the .dll is present there in Windows/System 32 folder.
Should I copy the .dll into the root folder before pasting, or into System 32 on the new PC?
Unable to find the installation CD.

  Sea Urchin 12:05 14 Aug 2009

You cannot copy/paste an existing program into a new location - it has to be installed from scratch.

  muddypaws 12:22 14 Aug 2009

but it has worked OK with some cleaning programmes and also Comodo Internet Security.!
Are they of a different kind?

  Belatucadrus 12:42 14 Aug 2009

Some simple programs can work as a stand alone, others are more complex and on installation make changes to the Windows registry. Without these changes the program will not work and attempting to replicate them manually is a pain if at all possible. Much better to find the original installation file or disk and start from scratch.

  Sea Urchin 13:03 14 Aug 2009

I certainly wouldn't rely on an improperly installed program to protect my security - nor even a cleaning program. Even though they appear to "have worked OK" they may well not be operating correctly.

  muddypaws 13:32 14 Aug 2009

Sea Urchin
Point taken. They are all freeware d/loads so no problem there.
Will leave thread open in case I need further advice along the line.

  muddypaws 14:11 14 Aug 2009

So from the info above, an external back up is only good for Photos/Music/Documents and such?

  woodchip 14:36 14 Aug 2009

You could may be fit the Hard Drive in the New Computer and run it as Slave Storage. The Programs may then Run if you look for the Program on the Old Drive look for the EXE Executable drag a shortcut to Programs or Desktop to run it

  muddypaws 16:00 14 Aug 2009

Thanks. For the suggestion.
I'm still looking for the CD. I know I have it, but it's not in my CDs wallet for some reason.
Can you tell me why on my present PC ( old) the .dll is not showing in the Ink Saver folder, but is in Win 32.
Sea Urchin.
I'm not yet on line on the new one so will scrap the clean ware and start again.

  woodchip 18:56 14 Aug 2009

just copy the dll to a memory card then paste it to the root of C:\ if tats what you want to do. you do not need a cd to do that

  muddypaws 22:57 14 Aug 2009

Will give it a try.

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