Moving Program Files

  gibbsy 19:38 16 Jan 2003
  gibbsy 19:38 16 Jan 2003

Having just re-formated and re-installed all apps, & drivers, (took ages), I was wondering if I made a new partition, moved my 'Program Files folder there (with apps), and made my 'C' smaller with just 'Windows', that this would make future reformats of 'C' drive much easier.
Is this safe to do? (Using Win 98).

  Elrond 19:40 16 Jan 2003

I'm not sure but i think programs have to be installed on the same partition as windows

  jazzypop 20:02 16 Jan 2003

Shame you didn't think of that before you installed them :)

If you simply drag and drop your 'My Programs' folder to D:, you will mess up all the file associations in the Registry. Bottom line is, it won't work.

I seem to remember that Partition Magic included a utility that would allow you to do this, though.

  Gongoozler 20:31 16 Jan 2003

gibbsy, this wouldn't help you. If you install your programs to D:, then reformat C: and reinstall Windows, the registry and .ini files will not have the necessary information. The way I do things is to have a 10G C: partition for Windows and programs, a 6G D: partition for backups and the rest of the hard drive for saved files. Then if I reformat the C: partition I can reinstall Windows and then use the Windows backup utility to restore the C: partition together with all the installed programs.

  gibbsy 20:45 16 Jan 2003

Thanks, I might try that.
Thanks to every one else too.

  gibbsy 20:45 16 Jan 2003

Thanks, I might try that.
Thanks to every one else too.

  Gongoozler 09:12 17 Jan 2003

Hi gibbsy, a correction to what I posted above. Program files and Windows are on C:, saved files on D:, and Backups on E:. Either way would work, but this way is more logical to me. I also find it helpful to lock my cd drives to X: and Y:.

  siarad 09:31 17 Jan 2003

Program files is part of Windows. You can just have windows in it on C & when installing the application programs install them on D which'll make another program files on D. However this may not always be true. Further formatting C will destroy the registry setting for the programs so they wont work anyway. Why all this fascination for formatting all over this site, it seems to cause one of the biggest problems. I've never formatted this laptop PC in 4 years nor my main PC for 6

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