Moving prgram files between hard drives

  thetrickster 05:18 20 Dec 2009

Hi, I have recently installed a new hard drive to which i have re-installed my operating system to (vista). I was just wondering although my prgram files for example, where installed to drive C (old hard drive) is it just a matter of copy and pasting the program files to drive D(new hard drive) Or will i have to re-install all the same programs to my new hard drive destination. Your help is appreciated.

  michaelw 08:23 20 Dec 2009

As far as I know you'll have to reinstall as only a paid for program will save whole programs to another partition/drive. This is due to installation files being placed all over the place.

  canarieslover 10:49 20 Dec 2009

The registry in your new insallation of Vista will not have the information necessary to run the programs. A fresh re-install of the programs will then write to the registry and set up new keys as required. You could have done things differently and cloned your original C: drive to your new drive. That would have given you your programs installed and ready to go in the same way as they were on the old drive. Most forum members would recommend Aronis True Image for performing this here It is a 'pay for' program but it can save you so much time and trouble as well as preventing data loss.

  xania 17:37 20 Dec 2009

Alternatively, if you have a partition manager (i.e. Partition Magic), which you can use to boot up your PC, you can use this to copy your entire C:\ drive from your old HHD to the new one. You can then also copy all your other partitions.

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