Moving Pointer!

  Dozy 21:16 21 Apr 2005

Hi Folks Hope you can help me once again.
I have a wireless mouse. A while ago my mouse pointer got a life of it's own and would slide to the side of my monitor. I then changed the position of the other part of mouse (the Receiver?) thinking it was too close and causing a magnetic effect. All was well for ages but suddenly it has started to do the same again in spite of the changed positions. Can anyone explain what is happening as it really is a nuisance.

  curlylad 23:08 21 Apr 2005

O/S Please , also make and model of mouse .

  curlylad 23:13 21 Apr 2005

One of the reasons for this type of behaviour can be dying batteries , replace the batteries and see what happens.

  Pooke100 23:23 21 Apr 2005

These cordless efforts are a waste of energy in my opinion, I have changed keyboard and mouse 3 times in four months. The last time I bought a scanner and ran out of places to put the reciever so I've gone back to corded and I'm a happy bunny.

All you can do is play with the positions of the reciever and your monitor/speakers and anything else on desk.

Keep replacing batteries with decent ones I recommend Duracell M3's they've higher ma than normal and will last longer.

Perhaps an update of the software check the manufacturers site for downloads.


  Andsome 08:25 22 Apr 2005

Have a look in ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS, for something called Crazy Mouse. It is a prank program that some idiots will download onto you. If that finds nothing, try START/SEARCH and type in crazy mouse. If anything is found just delete it.

  Dozy 21:08 22 Apr 2005

Thanks one and all I am off to try all your suggestions. :-)

  Kate B 00:41 23 Apr 2005

It's an SP2 issue, according to Microsoft - I had a long email conversation with a techie there by email last week. He couldn't come up with much that was helpful other than suggesting reinstalling the drivers, which doesn't cure the mouse creep. But I guess he will at least pass it on and maybe it will be sorted in a future patch ...

meantime I sometimes find when the mouse is creeping (mine is a wired optical rodent) that if you pick it up and give the sensor a bit of a rub with your finger it settles down. Low-tech but the best available answer!

  Dozy 20:56 23 Apr 2005

Thanks Kate I tried the other suggestions and was sure one of them would work but alas no, in fact it knows now that I am intent on stopping it and now has started to whiz faster!! It could end up in the bin!!
Cheers Dozy

  Stuartli 21:33 23 Apr 2005

I cured the annoying occasional creep of a new optical mouse by covering the mouse mat's range of light and dark colour patterns with a piece of A4 white paper.

  Dozy 08:42 24 Apr 2005

Thanks Stuartli will give that a try. Will let you know if it works but it will have to be tomorrow as I am dashing off to work now.
Cheers Dozy

  Dozy 10:46 27 Apr 2005

Hi Stuartli
The paper doesn't cure it altogether but it has helped a heck of a lot. Many thanks. I also await the result of Kate B's e-mail see if they come up with a good solution

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