Moving Photos back to SD Card

  onokeck 18:32 13 Oct 2005

Maybe I am trying something that isn't possible - or even practical! I am trying to move photos from my Picasa albums onto an SD media card. They transfer on the card when viewed on the PC, but when the card is returned to my camera it indicates 'No Images' when I try to view. Is there a method for doing this? Thanks. Casey

  Sans le Sou 18:59 13 Oct 2005

The camera writes a bit of information to the card to make it work in the camera, that is why the camera thinks the card is empty when you load stuff from another source into it without this info. I have often wondered that if you take a picture with the camera to initialise the card and then download pictures in the correct format, would they become visible to the camera. If you try this and it works would you report back.

  jack 19:31 13 Oct 2005

'Tis strange how a given topic come up twice sometimes thrice in a couple of hours.

Here is my response to to Joe in Digital World forum earlier to-day

photos from pc to cf card'
The Reason that your Camera cannot read the images imported from your PC is because they are now of the wrong type for the camera. It goes like this. A camera image is ostensibly a JPEG but it isn't- it is properly called an EXIF. An EXIF is a JPEG with xtra bells and whistles such as camera type, shutter speed, apeture and all that photographic stuff. Pre XP operating systems and older Photo Editors did not know about EXIF, and so dumped the extra info. Put edited image on card, insert card into camera and camera says -whatsthisthen? So you need another program that will turn the images back to EXIF. There is program and it is to be found at
click here

Good luck

  hssutton 20:02 13 Oct 2005

Which of Xat shows products are you suggesting will accomplish this.

  onokeck 20:15 13 Oct 2005

As hssutton says, which program? Your response sounds as if you know what you are talking about, but I'm afraid I can't find the proper download to meet my requirements. Casey

  Sans le Sou 11:29 14 Oct 2005

Think its Xatshow - makes slideshows for your camera etc.

  jack 14:36 14 Oct 2005

It is indeed xatshow.
This program which I have and will sent to you via E-mail -it comes in a 772Kb as a file
Mail me with your address and you will be in business.
It makes screen savers, creates CD/DVD [via external burner] and converts JPEGS back to EXIFs

  Stuartli 15:10 14 Oct 2005

If you have Irfanview or similar you can read the EXF information about each photo file (small blue i in red circle in the Toolbar for Irfanview).

  britto 19:46 14 Oct 2005

I know this is ticked as resolved but I use a card reader that shows as aremovable drive and can put pics back on my compact flash card just by drag and drop or a shortcut in the send to menu, as long as they are put in the canon 135 folder on the card the camera sees them, the key is the folder in which they are placed.
I have never used sd cards or downloaded directly from the camera but the same may apply.

  hssutton 23:48 14 Oct 2005

Xatshow may work on some cameras, but not with my canon cameras, also if you do get it to work your image pixel size can be reduced by as much as 50%. Plus the images are compressed. which to my mind makes the whole exersise a total waste of time.

Casy would be interested in your experience

  jack 08:40 15 Oct 2005

This is true for you but not every one there is a great variation out there.
HS Sutton
The resolution factor is deliberate.
The primary reason for this festure in XATSHOW is for TV display purposes - this does require quite low rez images.

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