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  Belfix 16:02 15 Sep 2006

Excuse the ignorance.. I want to move my PC etc about 5 metres to the other side of the bedroom. I have NTL bb coming through the outside wall to a "box" and a cable attaching the "box" to a ntl cable modem (apprx length 1.5 metres). The ethernet cable attaching the modem to the pc is approx 2 metres. Now, can I purchase a"ready-made" cable from say Maplin (or do I have to go to ntl) which will directly replace the first cable or is there any other means?

  BRYNIT 16:14 15 Sep 2006
  BRYNIT 16:19 15 Sep 2006

If you need the extra 1.5 metres you can use existing cable and connect new cable with a F Connector Socket to Socket Coupler click here see third down

  Strawballs 16:24 15 Sep 2006

Anywhere that sells computer cables you wanty a network cable NOT a crossover cable. I have have got a draw full of the things.

  pj123 18:27 15 Sep 2006

The cable from the NTL "box" to your modem is standard co-ax cable, same as your TV aerial cable. Get the length you want and then buy F connectors (male or female) to suit.

I moved my system from one room to another (about 20ft) with no problem.

  Strawballs 18:33 15 Sep 2006

OOPs should have read properly I thought you meant network cable. as pj123 said just coax except NTL use foil shrouded instead of braid but either will work

  the-george 20:27 15 Sep 2006

My NTL modem is USB!

  pj123 10:57 16 Sep 2006

You could also unscrew the cable from the NTL box and your modem. Take it to a TV/Electrical shop and ask if they can make one up for you to the length you require.

  Strawballs 12:08 16 Sep 2006

You can buy those screw fittings they just screw onto the end of the cable

  X™ 12:21 16 Sep 2006

I have a lot of NTL Cable. Or, you could leave the box where it is, and get a USB extention cable. NTL gave us LOADS of cable, and now we don't use it much, I use it for cantennas.

  pj123 12:22 16 Sep 2006

Strawballs, yes I agree. That is the way I did mine but some people are not "happy/sure" they could do it themselves.

I found it very easy.

It would be nice to see a response from Belfix though.

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