Moving the pagefile.

  wily earthworm 10:09 07 Jun 2003

My PC has 2 HDD's. Windows is installed on a 40GB 7200rpm drive and I have just installed a 30GB 5400rpm drive. I intend to use the latter drive solely for data storage and intend to move the "Documents And Settings" folder to this drive.

Could someone explain to me how I go about moving the pagefile to this new drive? I've been told that by moving the pagefile off the system drive, an increase in speed can be attained. I've been into the pagefile settings screen and can see how you alter it's size but not it's location.

Also, I currently have the 2 HDD's set as masters on separate IDE channels. My CD-ROM and CD-RW are both slaves. I set it up this way because when I tried copying a CD "on the fly", NERO advised that it was adviseable to have the 2 CD drives on separate channels. However, I have since read that HDD's and CD Drives should NOT be located on the same channel as this would reduce speed transfer somehow.

Can someone therefore tell me if moving the pagefile off the system drive would be adviseable and how this is done (a computer mag said this would result in lighning performance). Secondly, I would welcome any views on the best ways to connect my HDD's and CD drives to the motherboard.

Hope you can help,

  wily earthworm 10:13 07 Jun 2003

Sorry, I forgot to mention that I am running Windows XP.

  powerless 21:34 07 Jun 2003

IDE1 - 40GB drive as master and connect your 30GB drive as your slave.

IDE2 - CD-RW as master and CD-ROM as Slave.

I have this setup although i have a DVD drive as the slave to the master CD-RW.

Nero reports nothing.

To move the page file:

Start > Control Panel > System > Advanced > Settings (first one) > Advanced > Change > Highlight the slave drive (it must be formatted first) > Choose "System Managed size" and then click "set" There is now a pageing file on this drive. If you want to add custom sizes then choose "Custom Size".

Also highlight the C drive and choose "No paging file" then click set.

Now clcik ok and reboot.

  ellas 21:44 07 Jun 2003

copied this off the net for you
Q. How big and where should my Pagefile be?

A. Below are things to consider.

Do not have 2 pagefiles on the same physical disk.
The pagefile should be size of memory +11MB (or 2.5 times size of SAM file, which ever is larger).
If possible have multiple page files on separate physical disks
There are some performance gains to be had by placing on a stripe set, however not as much as on separate disks.
Defragment disk pagefile is on
Try and make drive NTFS
Minimum pagefile size is 2MB
To enhance performance, one can create a second pagefile on another physical disk. MOVING, however, is never advised, since it disables the option to create a Memory dump file at a crash (System Properties, Startup-tab). In order to be able to dump the RAM content to the pagefile (saved i.e. as MEMORY.DMP), the pagefile MUST be located (as well) on the boot partition.

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