Moving from Office 97 to Office 2007

  Marvin Grunt 20:12 27 Dec 2007

I want to install Office 2007 Pro, but it seems that Office 97 Pro is reluctant to leave - the uninstall process just stops. It seems I am not alone in this, so is it safe to simply install Office 2007 Pro alongside 97, or will that cause the universe to explode, or any other nause? If I must first get rid of 97, how do I do so if the normal method won't work? Please, anyone?

  Fingees 20:21 27 Dec 2007

Instead of going through Add/Remove just insert the CD. The Auto-run of the CD should offer the Uninstall or Repair.

  PalaeoBill 20:22 27 Dec 2007
  Jake_027 20:23 27 Dec 2007

Or you could try using uninstall in ccleaner if you have it installed. You'll notice a big change in interface with 2007, but stick with it, you might hate it initially, but once you're used to it it's so much easier to use! Thats what I found anyway!

Good luck.

  Taurus 21:58 27 Dec 2007

I just loaded 2007 over 2003 and it's fine. Have to agree with Jake_027, it's a great leap forward especialy if you are a power user.

  PalaeoBill 22:39 27 Dec 2007

I tried and tried to get one with 'the ribbon' but hated it so much I gave in and paid for the classic menu add on:
click here

My colleagues already call me the director of old technology and I knew the above purchase would casue endless ridicule but I bought it anyway. That is how much I hate the 2007 interface.

  johnem 09:35 28 Dec 2007

Sorry to hijack this thread, but it is relevant. When installing Office 2007 over a previous version, will it automatically copy details in Outlook, ie present e-mail addresses and e-mail accounts etc?

  Marvin Grunt 09:50 28 Dec 2007

Thanks for the above, but IS it ok to install the full Pro version of 2007 alongside 97? [I have already used the trial version of 2007, and it seemed ok.]

  PalaeoBill 10:06 28 Dec 2007

Yes you can have 97 & 2007 co-existing. The order is important though, 97 needs to be installed first.
The 2007 shortcuts from the start menu and the office shortcut bar will overwrite the 97 versions, so you will need to locate the executables and create new icons for the 97 programs.
Only one version of Outlook will be supported, so the 2007 version will replace the 97 version. It should update and maintain your e-mail accounts, folders and address book but if I were you I would back them up. Do an export to file of your inbox, outbox and address book and then copy the files somewhere safe.

  Marvin Grunt 11:18 28 Dec 2007

Thanks, PalaeoBill, that's what I needed to know. I don't use Outlook as I am on AOL and find it meets all my email needs.

  johnem 22:44 13 Jan 2008

Just to update you all, I have at last taken the plunge to install Office 2007 onto my XP Pro machine. New application recognised previous version installed and gave options to delecte or leave, I bravely chose to delete and let it carry on. 20 minutes later Office 2007 was up and running. Upon opening Outlook it had found all my e-mails, contacts and account settings and had automatically imported them. A few minor adjustments and Outlook was working. Have only briefly checked Word and Excel, but they seem to be fine. Just got to start finding where everything is now hidden, but like what I see so far. Not too sure about the 500Mb update that is needed, but I will have to make time to download it soon.

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