moving netobjects site from one pc to another

  mco 18:03 09 Jul 2006

Very fed up, if you read other post! Want simply to transfer NOF site from old to new pc - tried save as and opening up anew but it said some bits were damaged and it was therefore deleting them. I haven't got the nav bar or the header banner..? I tried exporting as a template but it said some items were no longer available and it refused to make a template for me to export/import. Can I not just download the site from its place online - where, incidentally, it works and shows fine?

  ade.h 18:15 09 Jul 2006

You should have a backup copy of the User Sites folder at D:/Program Files/NetObjects/NetObjects Fusion 8/User Sites. (Where D is your programs partition; yours is probably C.) This crucial folder is part of my daily backup routine!

Just copy this folder into the matching location on the new PC, or copy its contents (or a single site folder) into the new User Sites folder on the new PC.

Then open NOF and go to File > Open Site and it will open the User Sites folder. Open the relevant site folder and double-click on the NOD file. Then it will be listed at the bottom of the Control Panel window.

No importing necessary.

  ade.h 18:24 09 Jul 2006

How are you getting on with that form, by the way?

  mco 19:04 09 Jul 2006

No it's a disaster - it will load up the new site but says the site style's been deleted and I need to choose a new one, but it won't then let me choose the one I had before anew - if you see what I mean.

  ade.h 19:19 09 Jul 2006

Try choosing any old style, saving the site, then swapping it for your preferred style. Also check that the copy of the site style folder is still present in the site's folder.

I'm surprised that this isn't working though; since installing a free copy of NOF8 on my desktop, I often copy sites between my laptop and desktop with no problems at all.

  mco 19:54 09 Jul 2006

Right - there's a folder in the new laptop in user sites - it has my site in it; it has an assets folder with all the assets in it - it has a backup folder but that's strangely empty (?) and it has a styles folder with the style that I was using. So according to me, that should work ok. Will try the other suggestion. Aren't these things sometimes infuriating?!

  mco 20:09 09 Jul 2006

why can I get any style I want except the one I used to have?

  ade.h 20:42 09 Jul 2006

I don't know. Sorry!

I don't use styles anymore anyway...

  mco 23:44 09 Jul 2006

I shall have to give this a go again tomorrow. At least it's safe on the old, but dying, laptop in the meantime. It will be one of those instances where you spend ages and ages figuring it out - and then it just does what it was meant to in the first place, instantly.

  mco 18:00 10 Jul 2006

I'm going to have to admit defeat on this one and use a different sitestyle until I have the time to reproduce it myself from scratch. It doesn't seem to have saved in the same way as the others - and it won't preview whereas the others do. (it's from the classic styles not online or anywhere else) Won't tick resolved today in case anyone has any other ideas, but I'm off to DW now.

  mco 19:01 10 Jul 2006

Had to manually re-enter sitestyle by pointing to its location on new laptop - great feeling when you solve your own threads! Two down, one to go..

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