moving mp3s!

  hawthorn59 02:18 09 Apr 2005

Hi! I want to move all my mp3s which I have stored in itunes, on to my other pc. They wouldnt all fit on a thumb drive; can I put them on cdr? How? Do I just drag them across or "burn" them?


  Jak_1 02:33 09 Apr 2005

Yup, that's all you do. Open your burning progam, drag and drop all that you wish to transfer. Then load them to your new pc to the folder of your choice.

  bremner 08:23 09 Apr 2005

In iTunes create a playlist and put all your songs in it.

Then right click the playlist and choose "Burn to disk"

  hawthorn59 14:29 09 Apr 2005

Thanks folks. But out of curiousuty, whats the difference in burning the playlist and burning an actual CD which only holds, say, 20 songs?

  mattyc_92 14:39 09 Apr 2005

Nothing... It will create "Audio CD".... You will want to create a Data CD as all you then have to do is copy and paste your songs back onto the system and it also holds more songs.... :-)

  pj123 15:08 09 Apr 2005

Just remember mp3 are classed as data, not audio.

I made that mistake when first tried to put mp3s on to CD. Nero automically converts mp3 to cda if you select Audio CD.

  hawthorn59 02:33 10 Apr 2005

So if I burn a playlist in itunes is that a data cd?

  bremner 08:58 10 Apr 2005

No - sorry if I misled you. This will create an audio CD.

What DVD/CD burning software do you have on the machine.

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