Moving to a laptop PC

  ukthesis 13:44 27 Sep 2006

I presently have a normal PC, with separate box and a monitor. However, it occupies more space than I like. So I am thinking of selling this and buying a laptop PC.

What are the advantages (aside from saving space) and downsides of a laptop, over a "conventional" PC? Would my printer work with it, for example? Would the specifications be as good, for a similar price? Where would I sell my "old" PC, if I bought the laptop? Where's the best place to buy a laptop? Are laptops as reliable and easy to fix?

There are always downsides, so please include them. Many thanks.

  Jackcoms 14:46 27 Sep 2006

Would my printer work with it, for example? Yes

Would the specifications be as good, for a similar price? Generally, laptops are slightly more expensive for a similar spec.

Where would I sell my "old" PC, if I bought the laptop? Your local rag or Computer shop? But don't expect to get too much for it and make sure you format the HDD before selling it.

Where's the best place to buy a laptop? Not the cheapest - but well made and robust. I wouldn't use anybody else click here

Are laptops as reliable and easy to fix? Reliable - yes. Easy to fix - no, because the components are smaller and more complex and usually have to be replaced en masse rather than individually as in a desktop.

  postie24 18:36 27 Sep 2006

hi ukthesis,check out acer laptops.i have 2 of them with different spec,never had a problem with either of them in 2 years

  ArrGee 19:39 27 Sep 2006

If you got a couple of grand to spare, then click here

A laptop and desktop all in one.

  Belatucadrus 22:00 28 Sep 2006

The other disadvantage with laptops is the near impossability to upgrade them, desktops being modular you can upgrade graphics cards etc. With a laptop, once purchased that's pretty much it beyond adding RAM. So unless cost is an overriding facter, don't skimp when you choose.

  mikesuther 08:53 29 Sep 2006

Hi, All i can speak from experience. over the years i have had a number of Pc systems as in modular. the main advadtage as has been stated is that the can be upgraded easliy and replacing faulty components is easy.

I now have two laptops, and i would not replace them with pc's again. the fact is the space saving and convinence of the portability are superb. as stated do not go for the cheapest but fro a mid range (500 - 1000). Obviously if you want all the latest games to play you may need to spend more, but if like me you enjoy flight sims which are quite power consuming then the most of decent laptops will sufice.

Just show you are aware Toshiba are doing a fantastic offer at the moment, if you buy one of their latops at the moment, (specific models that i am not sure of) they are so sure there machines will have no tetthing problems or faults they will repair the problem and give you a complete refund of the cost of your machine.

I have two laptops a HP and a Toshiba, Both are very good and even though the Toshiba laptop cost half the cost of the HP the quality of build i have been very happy with. When it comes to advising, every single person who wil write in will have there own opinion, best thing is read the reviews in pc advisor, get a couple of models you likethe look of an then have a look at them if you like what you see buy if not then dont.

hope this helps regards

  Enoch 18:42 30 Sep 2006

I have to agree with "mikesuther". I have been with laptops since win95, now I am running XPhome. I have travelled the world with them and although, over the years obviously I have had different problems, they are the same problems I would have had if they where desktop PC's. I started with Gateway, then Toshiba and now Dell.

The only way I can compare the requirements of laptops is to ask whether you would prefer a radio with a separate CD player, cassete player or separate speakers, or TV with a separate CD player or cassete player.

To me a good laptop with GOOD installed facilities is far better.

  Jackcoms 20:08 30 Sep 2006

I note that ukthesis has green ticked this thread.

It would have been nice to have had the courtesy of a response from him/her as to how the original 'problem' was solved.

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