Moving iTunes Library

  Munchkin 23:47 01 Jan 2010

I want to import my CD collection to my hard drive to be played via iTunes. I have some already in my iTunes library on the C: drive but want to move the iTunes library to my bigger 1TB E: drive and start adding lots more. I checked the "My Music" folder where I found all my iTunes MP4 files and moved this folder to the E: drive but of course this didn't work! When I open the iTunes program which is still on the C: drive it doesn't know where the library is and just shows an empty music list! What do I need to do?

  mole44 05:01 02 Jan 2010

Fairly easy one to fix,your i tunes is set to look in the wrong place (It`s original folderon the C:drive. so you have to change where it looks. so here goes
open itunes,go to edit (Top bar),open preferences,click on the advanced tab,the change the location. your will look something like this when your done.

E:\Music\iTunes\iTunes Music

Hope this helps

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