Moving a hardrive

  heidelberg 14:22 27 Jul 2005

I have recently purchased a new PC and would like to move an 80Gb hardrive from the old machine. I would like to reformat this drive before installing it in the new machine but unfortunately the drive is the system drive for the old PC and therefore cannot be formatted. There is a second drive - of about 15Gb - on the old PC. Is there any way I can utilise this drive?

All suggestions gratefully received.


1st has the 15 hdd an OS? If it has use it as the master by setting the jumpers at the rear of the Hdd and installing an OS on it
2nd Is the make of Hdd the same as the new PC Hdd
compatibity problems can occur if the jumpers are not set the same on both Hdds refer to the makers settings
3rd why do you wish to format? you can take your old PC settings with your spare 80G Hdd to your new PC where you could also format whatever when you have transferred all your data etc
4th it is usually good sense to save all your data & settings to a CD or a full backup to CD before you start messing about on both PCs just in case you happen to make a mistake Logic is the name of the game
5th how old is your 80G Hdd? over 4 or 5 buy a new one very cheap at the moment

  heidelberg 14:58 27 Jul 2005

Thanks for your quick response kellysbouncas. To answer your questions:

1. The 15Gb hdd has no OS.
2. Both the 80Gb and the 160 Gb on the new PC are Maxtor.
3. I have had the new PC for a few months and have already transfered all the settings and files I want.
4. I already have everything backed up onto DVD.
5. The 8oGb hdd is just over 2 years old.

Thanks again


Win 98 will fit the 15Hdd
the 80G hdd can be used as slave usually the maxtor jumper setting is cable select on both Hdds
Do you need the old PC without 20G plus it cannot be used to backup your new PC
Have you partitioned the 160G and the 80G I have found that today 30G is about the minimum for partitions using XP & Office XP Yes itis better to put Pics onto a 2nd partition & videos and games on a 3rd if you are into that 80G usually divides into 2 x 40G
just remember that the OS on your 80G will be lost in your new PC when you transfer
But you could always buy a 20G Hdd to make your old Pc workable with a win 98 Best of luck

  xania 16:40 27 Jul 2005

The simplest approiach is to create a bootable floppy disk and use this to boot up the computer to DOS; alternatively, allow the PC to boot up buyt hit the <F8> ket to load the boot=up options and boot to DOS. You might even get away with loading normally and then closing to DOS or evben loading normally and then opening a DOS window. ANyhow once you get there, simply type
<Format C:\> and away you go.

Finally, of course, you can install the HD in the new PC and then use its OS to format the (slave) drive.

  woodchip 16:45 27 Jul 2005

Why cannot you use XXCOPY the 80Gb drive Config after removing all Programs through Add Remove just leave the Operating System. onto the 15Gb drive then format the 80Gb and put it in you new comp

  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 17:02 27 Jul 2005

simple easy as 123. 1 set jumpers to slave on old hd the plug it in. 2 boot pc. 3 then format old hd with thw windows drop down box when clicked on the old hd . simple works for me every time

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