moving a game to another drive can I do it???

  raggy 2 10:15 25 Jan 2006

Hi guys I have the game civilization on my C drive and this is getting full and I want to transfer it to my D drive (119G freespace left) and wondered can I do this without losing all that I have done so far and saved on the game.
If it can be done im a novice so be gentle

  MichelleC 10:25 25 Jan 2006

The only way to move progs/games is to 'clone' drive. The installation leaves files imbedded so you can't just move a prog.

  raggy 2 10:30 25 Jan 2006

so have I got to uninstall/reinstall and lose all saved data

  SANTOS7 10:36 25 Jan 2006

reinstall the game to your D:/ drive and then copy saved game data to the appropriate folder, if this works you can then delete the game from C:/

  woodchip 11:02 25 Jan 2006

Your best way would be to save the settings of the Game, they have to be saved some where, most likely in the Folder for the game. then remove the game from Add Remove in Control Panel and reload the Game to your other drive then copy the saved settings to the new location folder, that corresponds to the folder that it was in when you saved

  Shortstop 11:44 25 Jan 2006

I had a similar problem - with programs, not games - and used app mover as recommended on here [click here] which has a free trial allowing you to move a set number of programs [think it was about 10]. Moves all registry and shortcut details as welland, as tend to do this a lot since some programs insist on installing on the drive rather than giving an option, have since purchased it.

Never had an issue & worked everytime.



  Totally-braindead 11:51 25 Jan 2006

Have to agree with SANTOS7 and woodchip in that the way they describe is the only way you could do it. If you tried to move the entire program from the C to the D drive it probably wouldn't work as some parts of it would still be looking for the game on the C drive, and of course it wouldn't find it. I'm afraid the cloning idea would probably fail for the same reason. Personally I'd be looking at other programs to move, things you don't use often, perhaps graphics or print programs or MS Office or whatever, I would remove them using add/remove programs and reinstall them from scratch on the D drive. In the case of Office files they should all be left in My Documents and therefore there would be no problem. Stating the obvious here but before you delete anything make sure you still have the disks to reinstall.

  Totally-braindead 11:54 25 Jan 2006

Took me a while to type the above and Shortstop has suggested another way of doing it. Can't say I've heard of that program before.

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