Moving Folders and Files

  Cesar 10:33 09 Aug 2008

I have an external drive (G) I want to move a Folder and all files to Vista C:\ but when I move them Drag and Drop, Cut and Paste and In the properties window there still showing Drive (G) how can I change this to C:\ Iam using "Vista Home Premium" Thanks in advance.

  rawprawn 11:32 09 Aug 2008

This "Tweaker" will add "Move To" to your context menu.
click here

  DieSse 12:01 09 Aug 2008

Right click the folder - Then drag/drop - then select Move on the context menu that has popped up.

  Cesar 12:03 09 Aug 2008

I have had a lot of trouble with this programme
whwn the registration window comes up it tells me that my e-mail address is is invalid, considering I have used that e-mail addess for the last ten years this is nonsensical, winbubble is in the windows explorer but when I click on the noarrow file it asks mhat programme I want to open it with
and I am completely baffled.

  Cesar 12:06 09 Aug 2008

I have done that but it still retains the external drive letter.

  rawprawn 12:10 09 Aug 2008

I'm sorry abot that, it worked fine for me when I tried it although I took it off because I didn't need it.
I would uninstall it, and meantime I will look for something else.
Haven't you got "Move To" in your context menu?
If you have just highlight what you want and right click and select "Move To"

  rawprawn 12:12 09 Aug 2008
  DieSse 12:25 09 Aug 2008

What folder is it? - For instance My Documents is a special folder and you have to change the pointer too.

  Cesar 12:41 09 Aug 2008

Its a folder called "My Worksheets" it's on a External Drive G I have moved it to Office 12 (Home) but when you click on the file it retains the drive G Command.

  Cesar 13:08 09 Aug 2008

Another one that didn't work, all went fineuntil you tried to save the file in Wordpad you are supposed to save it as all Files but there is no
all files in the Drop down Box.

  rawprawn 13:19 09 Aug 2008

Save it to Notepad, then clck Save as. You will see it there as File Name and below that is another drop down box labelled "Save as Type" use that drop down box and select All Files (*.*)

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