Moving to Firefox

  birdface 13:21 28 Aug 2010

Having used Internet Explorer for years and not liking Firefox I was having so much trouble with different aspects of Internet explorer that I decided to try Firefox again.
What a difference everything is so fast that I cannot believe that I never changed long ago.
Not sure what the problem was with IE8 but at the moment I have given up on it maybe it was just a problem with W/7.
You name it I tried it and just could not get it to work 100%.
Maybe when IE9 comes out I might try it again.
Just thought that I would post this as I know others are having much the same problems with I/E at the moment.

  iscanut 13:25 28 Aug 2010

Join the club !!!!

  rawprawn 13:26 28 Aug 2010

I use IE8 in Windows7 as my default browser, I also have Firefox and I can find no difference in speed, apart from Firefox takes longer to fire up.

  provider 2 13:56 28 Aug 2010

Good idea and I`m using it almost exclusively now, having changed over about a year ago.

Suggest not installing too many add-ons (despite the temptation to do so), which can slow things down a bit. Having Adblock Plus is a good idea, though, and the "personas" can be fun: click here ... just point your cursor to see what they look like.

  northumbria61 14:16 28 Aug 2010

I am 100% Firefox user. Unlike "rawprawn" I find I.E. takes longer to fire up. Occasionally I take a look at I.E. and once open can find no difference in speed - but I just happen to like the look and feel of Firefox a lot better.

  gel 14:33 28 Aug 2010

For a simple browser
try google chrome

  gazzaho 14:37 28 Aug 2010

To be honest with every update to Firefox I feel it's starting to creak and groan.

Recently IE8 has started to give me some minor problems with opening tabs, the tab hangs for a period then there's a message searching for a solution, when it can't find one it asks to close the window then the tab recovers. I've reset and disabled the @Automatically recover from page layout errors' option to see if it helps, if not then I'm going to uninstall flash as I've read that can be the cause of the problem.

I think Google Chrome is on the horizon in the near future, there's no reason to stick with one browser as you can install more than one without problems, Firefox is my main browser but some sites require IE8, I also use it for emergency if Firefox goes wrong.

  Woolwell 14:41 28 Aug 2010

I have 4 browsers on my system - I like to try them out (play with them?). Firefox is the one I use most but it is not the quickest nor does it have the clearest text. I find that Chrome and Opera are quicker than Firefox and IE8. In fact Firefox can be the slowest. Firefox can be set up as you want and this probably why I prefer it.

  cocteau48 15:38 28 Aug 2010

Moved to Firefox about three years ago and have never looked back and as soon as I discovered IE Tab for Firefox there was no need to ever use IE again.
Some of the add-ons are,for me, absolutely essential.

Mine is slow to load but that's because of the extras I've got hanging off it and I am happy live with that.

I do occasionally run Chrome portable off a USB stick and it is ultra fast to load pages but I miss the FF add-ons when I do use it.

  Atlantic Man 11:10 29 Aug 2010

Well of course- I.E. is designed by microsoft

obviously it will give shit, hehe

Long live Firefox...

  Atlantic Man 11:12 29 Aug 2010

And plz ignore "gel", downloading google chorme

how boring

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