Moving Files from HD to External HD - So S-L-O-W!

  1248fixx 11:31 11 Dec 2006

I've recently bought a Seagate External 320Gb HD, and am moving all my recently ripped CD files from my Internal HD to it. But it's taking AGES!!!! (About 170Gb worth ) Is there any way it can be speeded up at all? I'm already using a Gold plated USB lead!



  Technotiger 11:38 11 Dec 2006

Hi, 170Gb is quite a bit to move, I think you may just have to be patient:-(

Anyway, how are you moving them, individually or in a block or by moving a Folder with the files in it?

  Gongoozler 11:43 11 Dec 2006

What do you call slow? You are transferring 170GB, which is 170,000MB. In a test click here, USB2 was found to transfer files at 18MB, so your 170MB would take 9444 seconds, or 2.6 hours, and that is assuming that there's nothing like an antivirus checking the files as they transfer.

  1248fixx 11:44 11 Dec 2006


I've got a folder for each artist ( AAA,BBB etc ) and originally just asked to move the lot, but decided to move each folder individually, then move on to the next ( moving BBB at present ). Not sure that it's going to be any quicker though - each individual Mp3 is taking about 3 seconds to move - gonna be here 'til Friday at this rate!!!

  Technotiger 11:46 11 Dec 2006

Hmmm, each folder individually is fine - just be patient, as Gongoozler has pointed out.

I recently bought exactly the same drive. I like it.

  1248fixx 11:48 11 Dec 2006


Are you suggesting that McAffee is checking each file as it's moved then? (Didn't realise that if it is). Should I disable it while moving them then?

  Gongoozler 11:52 11 Dec 2006

I think it could well be doing that. As long as you're disconnected from the internet I think turning McAffee off would be a good idea. It's worth a try anyway.

  1248fixx 11:59 11 Dec 2006

Just tried disabling Mcafee, but it keeps re-enabling after a couple of seconds!!

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