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  nick_j007 11:24 11 Feb 2004

Hello all,

When I drag and drop files they are always copied over instead of moving the whole thing. I expect this is how it should function, but how can I tell it to 'move' rather than 'copy'?

Thanks in advance,


  Jester2K 11:27 11 Feb 2004

Use the right button on the mouse when you drag and drop and you'll get the choice of Copy or Move.

  nick_j007 11:38 11 Feb 2004

Do you mean right click the file first and choose between copy or send to?
I'm on XP home.

OK! Scrap all the above. Just been messing with my right click and I see what it does now!

How very basic but cool! For really quite a long time I have doing this but using my own work-around! I never knew this option existed, so many thanks Jester2k


  Eric10 11:49 11 Feb 2004

Jester2k's advice is good and this is my preferred method of doing it but I just thought that a brief explanation of what is happening may help you.

If you drag a file from one drive to another the default action is to copy it. You can over-ride this by holding down SHIFT when the file will be moved.
If you drag a file to a different location on the same drive it will be moved. You can over-ride this action by holding CTRL when it will be copied.
If you drag a program to a new location then the default action is to create a shortcut.

  Jester2K 11:51 11 Feb 2004

I actually meant right click the file and drag it holding down the right button. When you release the right button you'll get a menu asking Copy Here or Move Here. Left click the choice on the menu and its done.

  Sheila-214876 11:54 11 Feb 2004

Download a copy of PowerDesk 5 from the PCA download page at: click here

So much better than Windows Explorer. I don't use windows explorer at all now. If you are shifting files from one folder to another on the SAME hard disk Powerdesk automatically "moves" them by drag and drop. If you are going from one hard disk to another hard disk then they are "copied" but you still have the right click option. Personally, I always use the "copy" function in case anything goes wrong. Once I have checked the copy was successful I then delete the originals. Takes a bit more time but "sooner safe than sorry".

  Audeal 11:58 11 Feb 2004

When moving a file from one drive to another can be a very risky business. It can go wrong and if it does then you can lose the file. I always use the copy function when moving from one drive to another and when done I then delete the original file. I only use the Copy option when moving from folder to folder on the same drive.

  Eric10 11:58 11 Feb 2004


So does Windows Explorer.

  Sheila-214876 13:51 11 Feb 2004

Eric10. Yes, just tried it and what you say is excactly right. I didn't realise that. Still reckon PowerDesk is better though.

  nick_j007 13:58 11 Feb 2004

Yes, I did as you said and it works as you say (of course).
A new string to my bow!
I have up to now been copying over then deleting the old one. All this has been so far on the same drive but with new memory coming to go into my media bay on the Dell laptop, and a new portable HD I shall copy over then go back to delete as is sensibly suggested by Audeal.

I have read all the points from you all.

Many thanks to you all and this excellent site.


  nick_j007 14:01 11 Feb 2004

Thanks ennuye for the thought about Powerdesk.
I'm as well with the devil I know I think :-)


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