Moving Existing Applications to new computer

  jollyboysouting 14:03 01 Mar 2007

Just bought a new Laptop and want to migrate my MS Office 2003 Professional to it from my existing PC.
However, the old PC came with this software installed by the OEM and I do not have an installation disk, nor can I find the install program(s) for the Office components on my PC.
I have tried copying the software to the new machine, but when I try to execute one of the programs a message appears "This somputer is not configured to run this application".
Any ideas how I can move this software or will I just have to fork-out another £250-odd for the new package? Thanks. dave

  skidzy 14:13 01 Mar 2007

The old pc and the preinstalled software is tied the that system im afraid.

Not that i know much about MS Office 2003 but is open office any good to here

  Belatucadrus 14:32 01 Mar 2007

When installed, Office will make numerous changes to the registry, without these it's not going to work, you need the installation .exe file from the disk. As skidzy suggests, OpenOffice is free and highly Office compatible, you can even go into its settings options and get it to save documents in the appropriate Microsoft file format, so compatibility with other people shouldn't be an issue.

  jollyboysouting 15:05 01 Mar 2007

Thanks have confirmed my worst fears...I will look into Open Office...thanks again.

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