Moving emails from Vista pc to new Vista pc

  hawthorn59 03:11 19 Dec 2008


Need to move emails and folders and contacts from Windows Mail on a laptop to Windows Mail on a new laptop.

Is it as simple as using File-Export-Messages and then the reverse; File-Import etc? And same with contacts.

Ive read somewhere that when importing, Vista may put the incorrect path so ithink it has to be manually corrected in that case.

Any help appreciated; just want to make sure I do it the correct way.



  Tazfan 10:29 19 Dec 2008

Cant help, but I am responding so as to be able to find this thread easily for future reference.

  iscanut 11:20 19 Dec 2008

Do you have an external USB hard disk or USB memory stick. If so, backup to one of these then restore onto the new pc.

  oldbeefer2 12:45 19 Dec 2008

click here If you don't have or don't want to buy a cable, it's easy enough using CDs.

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