Moving emails to a folder ??

  Ikelos 09:42 06 Dec 2006

hi, when i move an email, i want to keep to another folder, i have always, opened it up, and saved as,, found out this morning, that if i highlighted the lot, I could just drag them over, so over the moon with my new found skill,

decided to do my laptop, but it does not work, I tried to drag them over, but it tells me the folder is empty.........anyone any ideas.

thank you

  Technotiger 10:09 06 Dec 2006

Hi, just a shot-in-the-dark ... delete the 'empty' folder and make a new folder, giving it a name of your choice and then try again to drag etc.

  Ikelos 10:15 06 Dec 2006

Hi, thanks, on the other PC i dragged them to a memory stick thingy, that did not work on here, so I, as you have said, made a new folder on the desktop, and still nothing will go over...


  Technotiger 10:19 06 Dec 2006

Hmmm, assuming you can attach mem-stick to laptop, can you not drag from mem-stick to folder on laptop?

  Ikelos 10:26 06 Dec 2006

hi again, it is the other way round, all the emails from the PC are now on the memory stick, but all the emails on this laptop will not move, I have just made another folder in outlook express, and all the emails, about 300 of them, are now in there, but they can not be moved,

I will now try anything ;-)

  Whaty 10:33 06 Dec 2006

When you drag your e-mails over to the new folder you've created you say the new folder is empty, but has the e-mail you've dragged disappeared from its original location or is it still there?

  Whaty 10:37 06 Dec 2006

Just another thought. Are you trying to drag these e-mails to another folder you've created within Outlook, or to another folder elsewhere on your computer?

  Ikelos 10:37 06 Dec 2006

hi, they are all still there, i highlight the lot, and drag them over, I have tried one at a time, but that does not work either, I can not see what is different from this PC from the other one.


  Technotiger 10:38 06 Dec 2006

Yeah right, I was back-to-front ... have you tried the Copy option, rather than dragging, to copy emails to mem-stick? or to a folder on Desktop.

  Ikelos 10:39 06 Dec 2006

Whaty, i want them out of OE and into another folder, at the moment i have them all in one folder in OE,..........all the sent, and all those in the inbox, and all the other folders..


  Ikelos 10:41 06 Dec 2006

all there is, is "copy to folder" but that folder can only be in OE.....which is where, at the moment , they all are

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