Moving to another ISP

  Bike-it 22:58 11 Dec 2007

Hi all i am currently with Tiscali broadband, but three weeks ago i decided to upgrade from 2mb to 8mb and thats when i started to have problems, before i upgraded i was getting download speeds around 1.9 mbps but now i am only getting speeds around 367kbps, today a BT engineer called to see if there was a problem with their line or my setup, but all were ok, while he was there he was getting download speeds around 5.7 mbps for about twenty minutes and then it dropped to 0.7 mbps and thats the speed i am currently getting,
so will changing to another isp make any difference to the speeds i am getting now or am likely to get with a new isp.

  MAJ 23:06 11 Dec 2007

I've been thinking about 'upgrading' to that connection for a while now, Bike-it. But I've heardand seen so many posts like yours, I decided to hold off for a while in the hope it would improve or at least not be so bad here in N.Ireland. If I remember correctly, you're from Newry are you not?
I have also been looking at the Post Office HomePhone with Broadband Extra offering, it's along the same lines as Tiscali's. It's a little more expensive at about £26/month, but peace of mind means a lot, doesn't it? click here

  Crash 23:15 11 Dec 2007

If your from Newry and have Sky tv you can get Sky's LLU broadband up to 16mb for £10!

  woodchip 23:20 11 Dec 2007

So far I am glad I moved to Talk Talk

  MAJ 23:24 11 Dec 2007

Was on to India when installing TalkTalk for a mate, jeez, couldn't go through that palaver again if anything went wrong, woodchip. Cost a fortune in calls too.

  woodchip 23:32 11 Dec 2007

It's free, or it should be. I lost my BB as Exchange had a problem, I got it back after it had been off for 30 houres. I did not like the India bit, they just read a script. May as well talk to a robot for what good they was, I did finish up being past to English Tec support

  RobCharles1981 23:36 11 Dec 2007

"I did not like the India bit, they just read a script. May as well talk to a robot for what good they was, I did finish up being past to English Tec support"

I couldn't agree more with you woodchip, I sometimes get fed up of speaking to India if I phone AOL drives me around the bend!

  woodchip 23:41 11 Dec 2007

What makes it worse is I am nearly 72 with two hearing aids. And all you hear them Yabbering on

  MAJ 23:47 11 Dec 2007

Good job you didn't stick with Tiscali, woodchip. click here


For the package I want, Sky is working out too expensive, my line only supports up to 4.5meg.

  woodchip 23:54 11 Dec 2007

I used to be NTL\Freedom that become Vergin Media. But it cost too much for only slow speed. £25 an month for a 1Gb speed and I had BT line rental every three months on top of that so it's now saving me about £190 per year and my speed is about 6.5Mb to just under 7mb download. And I am 1.8 miles from exchange. I still get Free Evening and weekend calls on the 01 and 02 numbers with 36 free anytime international calls

  woodchip 00:00 12 Dec 2007

Glad that was not ME

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