Please help to remove.

  terendak_uk 18:12 16 Jun 2006

Turned on my PC today and this window opened telling me that my 3day trial had expired and I had to pay a subscription to "". I have never been there so went to control panel to delete it. The programme is there and there's an "uninstall". After hitting the button, it states it's directing me to their website, then nothing. "website cannot be found". I went to their main website, to find a cancellation page. I found it ( the site looks genuine, must be a streaming-type service)BUT when I hit any of the buttons ( eg: cancel, I did not subscribe, someone else used my PC to subscribe....)It tells me in no uncertain terms that I am responsible: they offer two choices.....subscribe or subscribe for 1 month only (~$30). I am pretty sure it must have been one of my sons who occassionally pop back home to use the PC but will have to kill the guilty one when I next find him. However, any advice on what to do to get rid of this would be most gratefully received.
NB there are two shortcuts on my desktop for their main website and for their terms and conditions.

  VoG II 18:21 16 Jun 2006
  SANTOS7 18:25 16 Jun 2006

click here

click here

download a prog called highjackthis from the second link and post it into the first, is a nafareous animal with variants which are hard to get rid of...

  terendak_uk 18:55 16 Jun 2006

I will destroy that beast asap ( I'm on another PC and running spybot on the "infected" PC.) Anyone know the "ins and outs" of that site? Is it one that can somehow "infect" a PC...or, does it have to be d'loaded? ( I don't want to "kill" my son if he's Also, is it a genuine site?
Thanks, again.

  SANTOS7 19:00 16 Jun 2006

What is MoviePass™?
MoviePass™ is the name of a new media search and download service that provides thousands of entertainment titles on demand to your desktop. MoviePass™ allows you to search for, preview, and download content (high quality video playback) then save them to a library application with features similar to your cable/satellite box and digital video recorder.

Membership to MoviePass™ is free with the purchase of our Download Manager software license. This software enables MoviePass™ members to access new movie release bonus materials, movie trailers, full-length movies, music, classic TV episodes, breaking video news from associated press, games, and much, much more.

MoviePass™ members can stream or download as many movies, games, songs or other entertainment from their personal library as often they want and watch or play all of it on demand…all this from the company that brings you the latest in entertainment media.

text taken from their website. (wont post link)

  terendak_uk 19:05 16 Jun 2006

Therefore it has to be a fact that someone here has d'loaded it? Thinking that a "free trial" is OK?

  SANTOS7 19:10 16 Jun 2006

I still have their website up and i cannot see anywhere that suggests a free trial.
It is linked to a prog called MediaPipe
click here
which looks like a nasty piece of work..

  SANTOS7 19:12 16 Jun 2006

forgot to say i do not know anything about the Adblocker in the link...

  terendak_uk 19:17 16 Jun 2006

It does indeed look nasty. In all my years I have never come across anything that has "invaded" my PCs like this. Perhaps it appears as an "innocent" popup? ( not that they exist...I always use c-alt-del to get rid of any that appear. Looks like time to get heavy again with the "kids".

  terendak_uk 19:18 16 Jun 2006

Will proceed with caution
Ta again

  SANTOS7 19:23 16 Jun 2006

The website isn't invasive, and i think you actually need to download the download file managers and then it may give you the option to trial the software which is probably what has happened.
It seems to be the norm when all said and done its a P2P site that you get all the spy/malware thrown in..

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