Movie upside down??

  bri-an 13:34 11 Jul 2008

I use Pinnacle Studio to produce movies from home video.
I made an Mpeg of a 'production' and find that if I open it with Windows Media Player the video is displayed upside down!
Opening it with Nero shows it 'normally'.

OK - "Don't open it with WMP, then" (I can hear the shouts now!!) - but I'm interested to know if anyone knows a reason for this inverted behaviour?

  Ditch999 13:41 11 Jul 2008

Do you realise that people try to do this deliberately and cant!

Did you use any filters or special effects?

  bri-an 14:04 11 Jul 2008

No, the whole thing just runs upside down!

  eedcam 14:54 11 Jul 2008

The time to worry is when its upside down after burning to dvd

  rsignals 15:21 11 Jul 2008

Have you tried rotating the monitor thru 180 degrees?

(...sorry, couldn't help it!)

  bri-an 15:27 11 Jul 2008

Fortunately, in my extensive collection, so far, this has never happened. The WMP business doesn't bother me (I just never use it anyway) - was just interested to know if anyone knew why this happened.

I have become somewhat of a master at headstands on my computer chair!! But the blood rushing to my head makes the picture a bit blurred after a few minutes.

  provider 2 16:06 11 Jul 2008

It looks as if Mr Gates was not entirely happy either:

click here

  Stuartli 16:12 11 Jul 2008

If you have any Australian friends or relatives, you may have been thinking of their requirements...

  eedcam 16:34 11 Jul 2008

Oddly enough Brian I have had it happen with a load of clips I'd compiled from Utube some were Upside down when converted.Forunately spotted before burning.Methinks perhaps its a codec thing.Or dyslexic software reads Invert for convert

  sinbads 18:03 11 Jul 2008

Windows movie maker can rotate your video 90/180/270 no probs

  grey george 18:57 11 Jul 2008

You must have the left handed version of media player. lol
Is it just the stuff you've compiled or is it any thing that you play on wmp?

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