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  dhg 08:24 17 Feb 2009

after successfully importing and editing mini dv footage in WMM I saved project in the video folder,On opening folder ready for burning to disc WMM shows all scenes in main panel and the scenes in the storyline as large red crosses,so can't access the original footage. any answers please. Will look at any replys later today, thanks

  Fermat's Theorem 16:32 17 Feb 2009

into the storyline, they are really only links to the original files - did you, perchance, move the original files subsequent to your saving the project?

By the way, you do know that you can't burn the project to disc - it is the movie per se that you publish to disc.

Hope this helps :-)

  Les28 16:33 17 Feb 2009

It sounds like you have saved a project file in WMM and have deleted or moved the original captured footage from your camera. What is the file type ending of what you saved is it a MSWMM project file.

After editing did you click on File, Save Project or Save Project as.
MSWMM files are not video files that can be burnt to a video DVD, but are used mainly to save the project when editing to either work on later or in case of WMM crashing your edited work is saved.

After editing in WMM in XP under pane 3 Finish Movie you select Save to My Computer, I think in Vista it's Publish, then pick a name and location, then select a file type to save as, normally under other options DV-AVI (PAL) this AVI file can later be burnt to a video DVD.

Once you have created a video file this way it doesn't matter if your original footage is deleted from the pc, the file is an individual video clip in its own right, a project file however needs the original footage as it's just a reference file for WMM to use.

  dhg 17:23 17 Feb 2009

thanks for your help,think it may be a case of saving incorrectly,after using help button in WMM I tried various way of trying to find which file name it might be under. I did do a trial before this project and the whole process went through o/k. the file in videos is MSWMM. I will use your info and do another short trial

  eedcam 18:46 17 Feb 2009

as said Your only option to save is dv_avi pal any other will be inferior qulity

  dhg 21:30 17 Feb 2009

many thanks, will be a few days before I can try again

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