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  the mex 17:28 20 Jul 2006

hi, i have put my holiday video,s on my pc,and copied them to dvd +r and dvd-r, thay will play back on my pc, but will not play in my dvd player, what am i doing wrong,

  FelixTCat 18:15 20 Jul 2006

I'm sorry to say that if all you did was copy the files onto a dvd, then they will not play back on a dvd player (there are a few exceptions, but very specialised).

You have to change your movies into a format that your dvd player can read. If you are using XP then Microsoft provides a basic program for you to change the format, but I don't know if it will write the dvd.

Go to c:\Program Files\Movie Maker and the program is moviemk.exe

(I've just noted that there is a Save To CD option in the program, so it may write as well)



  GroupFC 21:26 20 Jul 2006

A little more info would help. How did you capture the video to your PC? (i.e. what capture software did you use - as this may have an option to create a DVD). What format is the file on your PC? (e.g. .avi, .mpeg, .mov, etc).

If you are using XP, as FelixTcat says you will have a program called Windows Movie Maker (usually found by going Start>all programs>accessories). This program is pretty basic and DOESN'T support burning to DVD. However it does support CD, in a proprietary format called HighMat, which MAY be playable in your stand alone player.

A couple of sites that may help you are click here and click here

Post back with more info. and somebody will be able to help you.

  De Marcus™ 22:25 20 Jul 2006

GroupFC, from previous posts and in my estimation, will advise you of your needs very well, providing you give him the answers to the questions he asks.

One thing I will add is to advise anyone answering your questions whether or not you would like to edit your footage, i.e. add titles, transitions or background music etc, it'll help with regards to the software they recommend you carry out the process of burning your footage with. Also your computer specification would also help (, as in cpu speed, amount of memory installed, hard drive space left, etc. If your unsure what's inside your pc, download and install click here and you'll find out.

It will help determine how well up to the job of video editing your pc actually is.

  geedad 22:47 20 Jul 2006

the mex
Would agree with other Forum members about your files you wish to convert to DVD.
However, request through Google "Free DVD creation software". I know that there is a programme out there which is free, and although basic, it will make your DVD in one pass. No menus, no complex input requirements, just plain straightforward operation. Wish I could remember the name!!
But have a search, and you could be pleasantly surprised.

  GroupFC 23:20 20 Jul 2006

Very kind words - but I am sure that you are just as capable if not more so! I have used Movie Maker quite a bit (and the help files are very useful), but there is a lot more to this DVD and video business than a lot of people imagine!

Having just seen the title of the post, (which of course I had seen before but hadn't registered!), I suspect that the mex is using Movie Maker, so if he posts back with more info., I think between us we should be able to help him/her.

  De Marcus™ 23:49 20 Jul 2006

I've discreetly watched your postings regarding video editing and every time agreed with what you've posted, despite other postings to the contrary. You more than qualified to advise in such respects and I'll back you up each time.

My profession is limited to games graphics however, every few months or so I get asked to produce special effects for video, and more recently effects for HD video, which is very taxing on my current setup, I use movie maker for setting the scene, producing a mock setup and distributing between colleagues. In other words producing a story board.

To date, I'm very proud to announce my 'effects' have been used in a film (although very briefly), that's about to be released. I'm not allowed to officially speak about such things as per my contract but a broken storm or two makes no difference to me ;-)

Anyone interested may visit click here to see how some real movie effects are created. The above link is one of the main programs behind star trek special effects.

  the mex 19:43 24 Jul 2006

I would like to thank,f,t,cat,de marcus,group f,c, an geedad, and pc advisor, i am now making movie's cheers
the mex.

  woodchip 19:54 24 Jul 2006

Not all DVD players will play home made DVD's or even Jpeg photos ether. If the DVD player does not support it then go buy a cheap new DVD player that does

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