Movie dowload services

  seeker 02:23 02 Mar 2005

Anyone know of a review of these services, ie which is the best/worst, what the catches are and so on?

  Salinger 10:31 02 Mar 2005

The catch is that they will advise you that the SOFTWARE is 100% legal, they will then charge you, typically $29.99 for a year, with huge discounts if you sign up for 2 or 3 years.

The legal software that they sell you is usually FREE to download on the Web (normally Bittorrent)
This is P2P software which is legal but which can be used to illegaly download Copyright Movies, MP3s or TV Shows.

Typically, they stay within the law by merely telling you where to get the illegal programs from (they do not host or have them on their website.)

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