Move programs to another drive

  exdragon 19:02 04 Jul 2005

Hi - I want to move some programmes from the C drive, which is filling up, to another internal drive. I think someone told me there was a way to do it in XP, rather than uninstalling and reinstalling.

Was I just imagining it? I can't find anything about it anywhere.

  Ironman556 20:13 04 Jul 2005

There are programs which allow you to copy whole drives/partitions but I've not heard of one to copy just a program.

  Buchan 35 20:49 04 Jul 2005

I`ve installed a second HDD in my computer and have access to it from my desktop. I have also moved files/folders and programmes to it by Dragging and Dropping. When you`ve dragged and dropped you`ll see that everything is still where you took it from(My Documents?) so check that the files you`ve moved are actually in their new position the go back and delete from the old site. This might sound tireful and tedious but I don`t know of a programme that does as good a job. Best of luck

  woodchip 20:52 04 Jul 2005

I used to have software that did it on Win95 But doubt you will do it now

  exdragon 21:08 04 Jul 2005

It's not files I want to move, it's the actual programs, such as MS Office, Paperport etc. I don't think I can just drag and drop those, can I?

I know there are probably progs to do it, but if the facility is in XP, it may be simple. Problem is, I can't for the life of me remember who it was who said it existed!

Oh well, I guess it's uninstall & reinstall, then run all the updates. If I downloaded new drivers for XP (when I had a clean upgrade from 98se) will I have to install them again?

  woodchip 21:12 04 Jul 2005

They will not work as the registry keeps a track of the installation

  Mikè 21:14 04 Jul 2005

System Mechanic click here 30 day trial. I have this utility does lots of other stuff excellent.

  pj123 22:47 04 Jul 2005

If your "other" (D ?) internal drive is bigger than your C drive you might be better off cloning the whole of C to it and then make that the master and reformat the original C drive for storage. Something like xxcopy from click here will do that.

  roy 22:55 04 Jul 2005


  exdragon 22:56 04 Jul 2005

I've basically got myself into a bit of a mess: C is 30gb, D is an 80gb partitioned into 2 40s. I've also got an external of 120gb, which at the moment is only used for my Acronis disk copies. Most of the programmes are on C, while one D is used for photos (lots!), the other D has the back ups which I did before I got the external drive and Acronis - if I delete the back ups, I'd have almost 40gb spare.

So, I thought if I could move some of the bigger progs to the '2nd' D (like Photoshop and MS Office), it'd be a bit more efficient. Not too sure about the cloning bit - I tend to panic!

I'm off to bed now, but will check back in the morning - thanks to everyone so far

  pj123 23:43 04 Jul 2005

Now you are confusing me! You can't have two D drives on the same computer. I have 2 40gb drives in one of my computers which are partitioned into 2 x 20gb each. Giving me C:, D;, E: and F:

My C: drive has my O/S and all my programmes on it (which are quite a lot) including MS Office and Photoshop and I still have 10gb free. The other 3 D:, E: and F: are used for storage of all my data/documents/photo's etc.

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