Move My Documents to D drive in xp

  heidelberg 07:39 28 Apr 2003

I know there are various ways of moving the My Documents folder to different locations and drives. I have looked through the discussion archive but overall it seems to pose more questions than it answers!

What is considered to be the safest?

  Andsome 08:23 28 Apr 2003

Someone will probably correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think that you can move 'MY DOCUMENTS'. Why not go to where you wanted to put it and create a new folder and call it whatever you want, eg 'MY IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS', then you can save whatever you want there.

  Peverelli 08:35 28 Apr 2003

Do you really need to? I did this and it caused many problems, even after moving it back to the C drive. To try and preserve space on my C drive I've now created a file called 'My Stuff' on the D drive and transferred the contents of My Documents to this file, leaving the My Documents folder empty.

  jimv7 08:36 28 Apr 2003

Right click on 'my documents' go into properties
select 'move' and browse to where you want to save to. Click ok.

  leo49 11:23 28 Apr 2003

Using the XP Powertoys[Tweakui for XP] you can easily move this [and other special folders] painlessly.


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