move itunes library onto external hard drve?

  earthlover 19:20 17 Jun 2008

My son has an itunes library that is taking up much needed space on our pc. If i buy an external hard drive can i transfer his itunes onto that?

Also is there any way of getting rid of updates for MS to free up space? We have updates from as for back as 2005 and I wondered if i can delete them now. Also can I delete Java updates and download a more up to date version?

Thanks very much for help!

  recap 19:25 17 Jun 2008

iTunes can be transfered to an external drive all you need to do it change the store location, click here for a how to.

With Jave to my understanding you should only have the latest version on your system, i'm sure somebody will correct me on this if I am wrong.

Windows updates I am not too sure about.

  earthlover 19:41 17 Jun 2008

Recap. Thanks for the info on itunes. That's great.

It is the latest version of Java but it was downloaded as an update and then later the same as new versions came out. Does that mean I can get rid of the original download? Maybe I could delete all Java downloads and then download a new one?

  recap 19:56 17 Jun 2008

If I am correct you should be able to remove later versions of Java whilst keeping the latest version.

  recap 20:21 17 Jun 2008

That should read 'remove earlier versions'

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