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  podlod 10:53 17 Mar 2009

Hi, I have a photo/copier and decided to uninstall as I wanted to transfer it to my E drive from my C drive as there is more memory there. I uninstall the item and re- installed again hoping to transfer it to E drive, but it did not give me an option and installed it again to C drive automatically.
Is it possible to move all the components to E drive manually on the Move it button, or is there a specific way of doing this.thanks for any help.

  crosstrainer 10:56 17 Mar 2009

The default location for installation of the drivers etc. is alway's your operating system partiton (usually c:) you could try uninstalling all the drivers for the device, then running the installation again, noting carefully to change the default location (c:/...) to E:/...

Should work as most installation cd's give you the option of changing the install location.

  podlod 13:13 17 Mar 2009

As I said they dfid not give me a choice as to where I wanted it downloaded, and I uninstalled it completely as I used Revo uninstaller.

  tullie 13:36 17 Mar 2009

By the way,your E drive uses the same memory as the C drive.I assume you mean you have more space available?

  crosstrainer 13:37 17 Mar 2009

So you don't have a driver cd? Make and model?

  podlod 15:39 17 Mar 2009

I have a C drive 15GB free space which I think is my main, and an E drive which has 158GB free space which is the other part of my C if that makes sense, ????

  crosstrainer 16:08 17 Mar 2009

Yes, but do you have the driver / installation cd for the device in question? You can't just copy the files over....It won't work

  podlod 10:53 18 Mar 2009

Yes I do have the card, what do I do with it, no not there?

  crosstrainer 12:39 18 Mar 2009

Getting confused here....You have a disk that contains the required drivers and software for the device?

If so, you should be able to specify the E drive as the installation location (some files HAVE to be copied to the c drive, as the need to be installed in the windows directory)

  rickd 13:59 18 Mar 2009

"E drive....which is the other part of my C if that makes sense, ????"

Er, no!

Do you mean you have 1 physical hard drive, with 2 (or more) partitions named c and e, or two actual internal hard drives?
If it's the former, why not just change the size of your partions and run stuff off c!!

  podlod 14:38 18 Mar 2009

yes its one physical hard drive that has been partitioned to C and E. Now could you please tell me how I reduce one drive and increase the other?

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