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  tomtojo 14:32 20 Feb 2007

Hi everyone,
When I click on virgin icon it open's in internet explorer, how can I make it open in firefox,
at the moment I have to click on favs then go to firefox, or I exit IE then click on firefox icon on desktop.Thank,s

  beynac 14:43 20 Feb 2007

Make it the default browser. In Firefox go to the Tools menu and click the Main tab. At the bottom, under System Defaults, tick the box for Always check etc. Click on Check Now to make Firefox your default browser. (This is for Firefox v2)

  bretsky 14:50 20 Feb 2007

Click on the Fire fox icon on your desktop and you should get the mozilla home page, so now that you have F/F open goto Tools>Options>Main tab and type in the url of virgin home page in the start up section, then click ok then the next time you click on the F/F icon, your virgin home page you show, also you should tick the system default box to make F/Fox your default browser upon startup.

bretsky ;0)

  bretsky 14:52 20 Feb 2007

Again, not quick enough!(My advice is for v2)

bretsky ;0)

  tomtojo 15:03 20 Feb 2007

Firefox is my default browser, I mean when I first connect to the internet I have to click on virgin icon on desktop, and it open,s in IE, I want it to open in firefox.

  bretsky 10:34 21 Feb 2007

Yes I see what you mean now, right click your virgin icon on the desktop and select properties, look at the target and you will see explorer.exe, you should delete this line and replace it with

"C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe"

Just copy and paste the above line and then click apply & ok. (C drive being the directory where all your program files are held)

So now when you click on your virgin icon the home page should appear, if it doesn't, follow 2nd or 3rd replies above.


bretsky ;0)

  Stuartli 10:59 21 Feb 2007

..or configure Set Program Access And Defaults from the Start button.

  tomtojo 18:02 21 Feb 2007

Thank,s to everyone,
All sorted now,

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