Move to Folder in Outlook 2003

  VoG II 21:58 01 Jul 2004

When in the Inbox there is a toolbar button to do the above. I have created a folder called (imaginatively) "Read" where I move messages that I have read and want to keep. When you click this button you get a list of all the folders that you have ever sent things to.

So far, so good.

Problem: There is also a Read folder within Archive Folders. In the list of folders I therefore get two Read folders that I can move to (both called simply "Read"). Which is which? Obviously I only want to move things to the current folder. I know that I can drag and drop from one Read folder to the other but it is a pain.

I'm sure I read somewhere that you cannot change the list of "Move to" folders that Outlook offers. But there must be a registry fix - isn't there?

P.S. Just to emphasise that this is *not* Outlook Express that I'm on about.

  johnsims 22:07 01 Jul 2004

Would it not be simpler to open each read folder in turn to ascertain which is the one you just created, then rename it to (equally imaginitively) AllRead or Read_Keep and set up your move to rule based on that?

Less satisfying than changing the way M$ want us to work but ......

  VoG II 22:21 01 Jul 2004

Just tried that by naming the archived one to "Archived Read". However, Outlook still offers "Read" and "Read". It just "remembers" where you have moved to in the past. Ideally I would like to delete this list and start again.

Thanks anyway.

  johnsims 22:31 01 Jul 2004

Ah .... isn't M$ helpful?

  VoG II 07:59 02 Jul 2004


  VoG II 23:35 05 Jul 2004

Double bump.

  Smegs 00:14 06 Jul 2004

VoG™, Outlook that different to OE? In my In-box folder, I have created two folders, one for me and one for the misses. When I created these, I chose the names. Then all we do is drag and drop. Is it not the same with Outlook 2003?

  VoG II 00:20 06 Jul 2004

Thanks for the response but, no, it is different.

  Smegs 00:24 06 Jul 2004

VoG™, sorry, can't help you.

  hugh-265156 00:43 06 Jul 2004

at some time VoG™ you will have created both these personal folders yourself methinks although both folders cannot be in the same sub directory as they both will have the same name so if you were to try and create two sub folders in your inbox for example both called read then on creating the second one you will be prompted to replace the existing or create a new one.

when you delete folders they should also be removed as a choice from the send to folder options.

maybe outlook is corrupt, does running detect and repair help?

  Smegs 01:27 06 Jul 2004

click here hope this helps VoG™.

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