Mouse/Keyboard Problem

  ob1ie 16:07 06 May 2009

I have been asked to look at a Dell computer by a friend. The mouse and keyboard are both USB plugs and were unplugged. I am not sure if they are the keyboard and mouse that came with the computer. The computer itself is fine, but if you plug in the keyboard the machine asks if you want to search for drivers and if you plug in the mouse it informs you the mouse is not a signed product and wants confirmation. I am stuck. I need to install either, but can't as I can't give confirmation to the machine. It is running XP and doesn't have PS2 plugs. Has anybody an idea how to get round this. I would like to avoid reinstalling the whole machine. I have tried safe mode, but the machine won't recognise the keyboard on boot up.

  Michael_R 16:14 06 May 2009

You don't say what Dell computer it is but in my experience of Dell all their drivers etc are available on ther site. If you go here click here and put in the required info there is a good chance that the drivers are here.


  woodchip 16:26 06 May 2009

not a signed product, click yes. windows should load generic drivers for these mouse should show as HID mouse in Devise Manager. Check BIOS that all USB is Enabled. for keyboard tick the box to let Windows look for Drivers

  ob1ie 21:09 06 May 2009

OK, probably didn't make myself clear. The problem is that neither the keyboard or mouse is being recognised by the computer. So I can't download drivers and I can't click OK. If I plug in the mouse it needs me to click a response, but can't cause the mouse doesn't work. Same goes for the keyboard. So basically I have a computer I can't communicate with.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:24 06 May 2009

Looks as if some idiot has disable USB legacy for DOS in the BIOS. as it will not see the keyboard before windows boots.

Try restting the BIOS to defaults by using the clear BIOS jumper on the motherboard or by removing the CMOS battery for 10 minutes.

Hopefuly the default setting is for the USB legacy for DOS is enabled and the keyboard and mouse should then work as soon as the machine boots.

  woodchip 23:07 06 May 2009

get a PS2 keyboard to do the above in BIOS, do not plug, unplug, a PS2 keyboard while the Power is on. you will blow the motherboard if you do

  lotvic 23:18 06 May 2009

you say it doesn't have PS2 plugs?

What model dell is it?

  woodchip 23:22 06 May 2009

sorry about my post should have read it all.

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